Try Drop Box For Your File, Photo, Video Sharing, And Anytime File Access Needs!

Use Drop Box  to upload and share all you information without the need of disks or thumb drives, plus it will be available to you on any computer as long as it's installed. You can even have every photo you take sent automatically to Drop Box for everyone to see, and share with them quickly. 

Ever have someone keep asking for certain Videos or Documents? Get yourself out of that easy, by just syncing your stuff on Dropbox, sending the link to share with the persons, and then letting them go to  Drop Box!   They don't even have to have it installed they will be sent a link to a share folder link where they can only download what you shared. It's just that simple. You can now switch that situation all around and say, "Hey did you get the link I sent ya for the files you wanted?" Better yet create a folder and you both can share stuff in real time whenever you both want.

Most of the time people who tend to rush you seem to never have the same motivation for themselves, but if they say no that's all you do is tell them to check our "shared folder!" That's it!

You can upload stuff in the range and size of 2 Gigs of data! The more people you refer the more space you acquire or you can just purchase space, but 2 Gigs is very good for a cloud service to offer. Besides, who wouldn't accept a referral from such a great company and service like this, and most Android devices have it preinstalled I believe but most people don't know what it is. 

Never, and I mean never, email yourself a file again! You can even put your phone backup in the Dropbox cloud. I actually have my phone, and both PC backups stored in my Dropbox cloud.  Backups tend to be something people only think about after their phones are damaged or stolen. All you need is Safe Backup and Helium (Between These two apps you can backup your call logs, text history, and app data ) from the playstore and you have 2 of the best complete phone backup apps for the android user ever! They both work with rooted devices and Dropbox,  but were made for the person who does not have a clue of what rooted means.....LOL.

So if you have something you want to share, use Drop Box.

Also, it's much more then a sharing tool. Oh, forget to mention you can put this app on your PC and Mac Devices as well.

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Once downloaded to your computer, Remember to Share!

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