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If you reading this blog please realize that over time the information you may have just read in a certain post may not be current information. Over time Content, Sources, information and links may change. This is inherently part of the evolving nature of a blog and information as a whole. Mistakes are also part of any information or opinion based site. Will you find typos, limited information, loud titles, and sometimes un-sources content on this blog? Yes, it may happen because mistakes happen.

Several of my blog posts may contain links to other content to compare or validate content. Keep in mind that URLs and domains change hands. You could very well clink on a link that will direct you to some obscene material, so keep in mind it was not planned by this blog. This blog may also have other bloggers or site owners who link to it. Still, this blog can’t be held responsible for what other sites choose to display or voice on their forums. Remember to always take caution to what may be on the other end of a hyperlink, even if the theme of that blog itself is not even close to being seen as viewable or readable. I do take some images from sourced sites or even from random locations on the internet. I also try to caption them as often as possible, but depending on how anyone multitask things, a few things can be forgotten. Still, any images seen on this blog are not intended to offend anyone.

This blog has very little, if any, downloadable files or programs. If by chance you do come across a post that gives you an option to download content, I will use a file host to make this content available to you. All content of this blog is the opinion of the blogger and is not intended to “malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual,” or anyone else I may have missed. My blog only attempts to show comparisons of the world, and is not here to inflame the egos of those who would attempt to silence the other side of speech by means of deep pockets, and unlimited resources to do so.

As the owner of this Blog I am responsible for this sites content. I represent myself and my own opinions which I try to establish with a bases in fact. Though there are two sides to every story there will always be the truth! Still, I may not always source a story and will often state my personal views; I claim responsibility for those views. My blog is solely my opinion.

I have given people the option to comment on this blog ‘anonymously’ or with the option of displaying their name or identity. However, I will not be held liable for anything anyone says in the blog comments section. Their views are indeed their views. I stall not be responsible for laws they may break by implication and intent. This blog also has a very diverse blog list which those bloggers and site owners also have a right to their own opinions as well. My intention and ideas for starting this blog was to do no harm to anyone. This includes not to injure others, defame, or libel anyone. Some people will try to equate “Harm” with facts when it’s more so base on interpretation, this is why I select post based on my opinion and the advice I would give to someone. It’s should not be seen as counsel. The opinions of this blog are not absolute, so if someone uses any of the information here and somehow becomes injured. This blog will not be held responsible.

This blog was started to put out the blog owners opinion on several different topics. However, this blogs goal is not to make money off its readers. Still many sites use a variety of methods to monetize their sites or blogs, seen and unseen. All ads place on the blog will offer services to help the reader, leaving them the option to make a purchase based on if the product will help them in some way. I have also made this blog readable to just about anyone using any language by using the Google Translate bar installed at the very top of the page once you enter this blog. Still this blog is not responsible for translations or interpretations using that tool. I also admit that I sometimes may miss a word or two. My punctuation may not be all that good, so keep that in mind as well when reading statements. If content from this blog is used please source the post for means of copyrights.

To my many international readers please keep in mind this blog is not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from your countries of origin. Since this Blog is strictly opinion based any financial claims made against it may result in nothing. Being that this blog was not created to make money nor has it ever made any money. The most priceless things here are stories I pull from other sites and my own opinions which I do from time to time.

As the owner of this blog, I also like to comment on many sites that share my opinions and interest. While reading the topics and commenting on those sites you may come across several opinions that are seen as quite racist. When I started this blog that was one thing I knew I could not just allow. That would be the opinions of people who don’t add to the solutions of any problems. People like this seem to be happy to only blanket their opinions in statements or rants based on ideology. Being a person of color, I have been called several names like Nigger and have also had the new modern code words thrown at me during my life travels. So I think I can differentiate between a racist and a person expressing ideological opinions. Still, if you can’t express your views in a way that can be debated without offending others who are looking for solutions, common ground, and acknowledgement that the past happened and parts of it still linger on today,  they will be removed.


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