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Comment That Makes You Think About: My 10 Baby Mamas

I saw and read this comment on Diary Of A Tired Black Mans Site today. I started to think that some of it has bases in fact. If you have lived in the inner city, or "The Hood" you know of a women who have kids with a man who also has kids with another woman who are in throwing distance of each other. Or, they know each other and are actively having relations with that man. This is something I have seen all my life. Being from the hood I too was a product of the same type of behavior. So I asked myself, if most people, mainly women who know things like this happen all the time, why complain about it.

From what I have seen from the previews of the show, he has women of varying ages. Which is still something that you could say is a norm in the black communities. Some have even insulted the women, saying they are not educated or common street broads. But as I recall things I have seen from life, some of the women who do this have master degrees and are sharing a man with other women of a similar backgrounds. Not saying they all have degrees, but some come from middle class families and/or have better than average jobs. This is something I have seen!

So, if you live in the real world you know that all these women who find themselves in position like this are not all uneducated or naive street chicks who don't know better, but could also be well educated too! Again, I take that from what I have seen in life. Still, I will always say with my dying breath that it's always the woman's choice as to who they will procreate with, who they find attractive, and who fits their up bringing and personalities.

If you are a man who has educated yourself, odds are most women who have been around thugs and other males who only know street life will never find you attractive or interesting enough to procreate with even after most of the men they do find interesting have finished running threw them. So most men who have taken the time to look up in life, usually look other places for mates, that's until after they get schooled by this type of female. Women online are up in arms about this, but I would like to see how this dark mystery of "Ride or Die" works.

Anyhow, this is the comment I read:

Black women and My 10 Baby Mamas reality show! They are scared shitless of this show!

Ever since the trailer hit for rapper Shawty Lo reality show My 10 Baby Mamas there has been a shit storm in the black community online which eventually lead to an online petition to Oxygen to ban it (petition was created by of course a black woman). Every-time there is an article online regarding the show it gets an infinite amount of comments from black women denouncing the show with a disdain like I have never seen before, an almost urgency to eliminate this. But then I had to think about why are black women placing SO MUCH effort and energy toward this specific show and banning it, when in fact I have seen reality shows that place black people in a far worse light???! Shows that these same black women tune in enthusiastically EVERY SINGLE WEEK!! And then it hit me like a ton of bricks!


Let me explain further. Here we have 10 black women with children out of wedlock with 1 semi-wealthy rapper/well known Atlanta dope dealer....who at the time of conception of each child was just only a dope dealer...(his rap career took off in 2006 with his group/fellow dope dealing buddies D4L hit it big while he was actually locked up!). Now how this exposes black women is simple-the airing of this show will cause the world to start questioning their choices in mates and their psychology as a whole. It causes the world to examine the black woman's psyche, desires, and true values. It exposes the black woman's selfish motives, material greed, arrogance, and lack of concern for her children's well being. Because the world understands that all black men aren't drug dealing street trash....they don't have to look any further than own President, it will immediately remove the black male as the cause of the American black plight, this scapegoat will be removed. Because the reality is this-black women are surrounded by black men of every sub-type from the nerd, the athlete, the guy next door, the video gamer, the comedian type, the artist, the thug, the player, the mechanic, the computer enthusiast, the list of black male sub-types go on and on....but YET.... 10 of these women made the conscious decision to pro-create with a sociopathic dope dealing rapper. And this is no single incident, this is black community norm....and that's why this show is being targeted by black women so hard. It places the blame solely on them! Now multiply this scenario and mentality and you have the modern day black community and the result of this single screwed up choice made everyday....10 Baby Mamas MUST see the light of DAY!!


More 1/19/2013:

Shawty Lo Arrested For Failure To Pay Child Support?

First Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo, real name Carlos Walker, was told that his controversial ‘Oxygen’ show, ‘All My Babies Mamas,’ was being cancelled; then he begged fans to sign a petition on asking the network to reconsider airing the show and now, according to various reports, the rapper has been arrested for failure to pay child support, reports
The below photo of him was taken at an Atlanta mall by DJ Smallz, who claims not to know why the rapper was handcuffed. Reports continue to swirl that failure to pay child support is the charge, but that information has not been officially released.

The petition the rapper urged fans to sign reads in part as follows:

It’s a sad day in America, when people attempt to reject a father that steps up to the plate, a father who is actively

supporting his children & their mothers , not just monetarily but emotionally as well.

Shawty Lo, is in fact a father figure that most young black men today coming from a similar past lifestyle and environment,should mimic in his parental role. With 11 children, which are all clothed, fed, housed and loved in everyway that a parent should love, protect and provide for their child. As well as being a supportive and active partner in the co-parenting of his children with their mothers.

Everyone has a past, especially in hip-hop, however how many take the reins and put their life in motion for change?

Rap music came from the streets of urban culture, songs of struggle and strength. Before the masses came in with their auto tunes and pop divas, hip-hop was the voice of urban America, allowing young men and women in the concrete jungle a poetic voice, that allowed others into their world. Artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC and Public Enemy paved the way for today’s chart toppers. Rhymes about what their daily life endured, with everything from teen pregnancy, racism to political movements.

A man is supposed to take care of his children, and the mother (s), weather it be singular or plural.

So here’s the question, would you rather see 11 children struggle with mothers on welfare? Or watch a man support his children? Does it come down to the race card?


Most people opposed to the show questioned the rapper’s ability to take care of 11 children, but he continued to claim that he not only supports them financially, but emotionally, as well.

Hopefully, it’s not a child support issue; but whatever it is most certainly isn’t a good example for his children.

shawty lo all my babies mamas oxygen

Most of the comments coming from women are that he can't support his kids, or he should have used protection! But, there are plenty of women who let men enter them everyday after entering other women the same day who have not used protection on any of them. The bind eye and new found ethical stand  that women, black women are taking is a real surprise since this is something happens everyday regardless of whether you are in the Burbs or in the hoods. But, I guess those of us who know will have to keep the secret just a bit longer.

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