Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dentist Caps Every 'One' Of This Childs Teeth With Steel Caps/Silver Crowns: Hold The Bond Villian Jokes People

Mom shocked by 4-year-old’s silver teeth. An Arizona mom discovers her four-year-old daughter has had all of her teeth capped with silver.

The incident has gone on to raise questions as to how the mother allowed her daughter to have degenerated orally to the extent she needed all her teeth to be treated, never mind the initial treating dentist who opted to use steel crowns.

She is going to hear jokes for the rest of her life with those silver crowns.

Main Points:

  • As a mother, how could you leave your sedated child alone in a room with anyone? 

  • You did not look at you kids mouth until you got home? Glad you were not my Mom!

  • This is the most important point here, How In The Hell Did Your Child Get The Oral Conditions Of An Adult This Young? Meaning, why did your child not brush her teeth!

Picture Of Savannah (Left) and The Man Her Mother's Has Helped Her Resemble The Bond Villain Jaws Played By Actor Rickard Kiel (Right)

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