Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GOP State Senator: Kwanzaa Is A Leftist Plot ‘To Destroy’ America

While outrage about the so-called war on Christmas has died down for another year, Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman (R) has launched a new war on Kwanzaa, claiming it is a fake holiday invented by racist radicals who want to “divide America.”

In a press release entitled “Why Must We Still Hear About Kwanzaa,” Grothman ranted that Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated by “left wing nuts” because “they don’t like America and seek to destroy it.” Grothman is comforted by his belief that “almost all black people ignore” Kwanzaa, but is deeply troubled by the fact that schools are teaching the holiday:

Irresponsible public school districts such as Green Bay and Madison (and who knows how many others…) try to tell a new generation that blacks have a separate holiday than Christians…But why do they do it? They don’t like America and seek to destroy it by pretending that its values as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, don’t apply to everyone. Mainstream Americans must be more outspoken on this issue. It’s time it’s slapped down once and for all…Be on the lookout if a K-12 or college teacher tries to tell your children or grandchildren it’s a real holiday.

Kwanzaa, which occurs from December 26 to January 1, was created in 1966 as a way for African Americans to connect to their heritage and culture. It has been widely accepted as a legitimate holiday. While Grothman believes the holiday divides America, Kwanzaa centers around the seven principles of unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Its founder, Ron Karenga, whom Grothman calls a “violent nut,” explained, “People may celebrate either or all of the year-end holidays” as Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday focusing on sharing a “special cultural truth” with the world. Former President George W. Bush praised the holiday as “an opportunity to focus of family, community, and history.”

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