Sunday, January 13, 2013

Philip Coppens Of ‘Ancient Aliens’ Passes Away

Philip Coppens, commentator on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens: The Series, has reportedly died.

Hundreds of “RIP” messages have poured in on the official Facebook page of Philip Coppens, the author and investigative journalist best known for his work in the fields of ancient history and paranormal sciences.

News of Coppens’ death has yet to be confirmed by major news outlets, and our own emails to the author and his colleagues have yet to be returned. 2012 saw a number of death hoaxes started on social media websites like Facebook, so we must stress that Coppens’ death is an unconfirmed report at this time.

However, his declining health in recent months lends some credibility to the potential of his untimely death. Coppens regularly uses his Twitter and Facebook accounts, though has done so less and less in recent weeks, primarily updating fans on his condition. “My fourth week in hospital is here today. Please keep praying for my recovery,” he wrote on December 22.

 Philip Coppens

According to Coppens’ Facebook, he has been hospitalized in Los Angeles since November 25, and was diagnosed on December 13 with angiosarcoma, a rare cancer that is often fatal especially if it manifests in the liver.

On December 24, Coppens wrote: “My in-laws found me a copy of the British Museum crystal skull. His name is Vin. A lovely new companion,” on his Facebook, along with a photo which shows that he was still hospitalized at that time:


We can now confirm that Philip Coppens has indeed passed away. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, friend, colleague, and fellow Ancient Aliens commentator, confirmed the sad news on his official Facebook fan page hours ago. “Philip Coppens has moved on to the next level. The transitionary period between this life and the reincarnation of the next IS heaven,” Tsoukalos wrote.

Timsomor Note:

Wow, I watch this show every week and I have every show of Ancient Aliens on my computer. I just found out about Mr. Coppens death Today 1/13/2013, by watching episode 4 of season 5 of the series which he part narrates with other men of science.  RIP.

I will continue to support the series and I also hope someone would continue his work as well. The only thing I hate is the the History Channel moved this show to there "H2" channel and the first history channel shows very little about history at all!

What a lost for science and clear thinkers!

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