Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bill Maher On Pope Resignation: Hillary Clinton Should Replace Benedict

As far as Bill Maher's concerned, the best possible outcome of the pope resigning is that Catholics will quit as well. The second best possibility: Hillary Clinton will be the next pope.

Sure, it may be far-fetched, but as Maher explains, a powerful woman at the top could be just what the Catholic Church needs:

"Fact is, that any enterprise that excludes women almost always descends into sexual deviancy... Whether it's the Boy Scouts, the Penn State locker room or on Wall Street, sooner later a bunch of innocent folks get fucked. Show me any culture that's traditionally hostile to women and I will show a culture that is screwed up." 

And if Hillary doesn't work out, no problem. Maher's got at least two more PERFECT ideas for papal successors.

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