Friday, April 19, 2013

Arkansas Lawmaker Mocks Boston ‘Liberals,’ Says They Wish They Had Assault Rifles

On Friday morning, Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell (R) tweeted that “liberal” Boston residents likely wished for assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, as the manhunt for Boston Marathon bombing suspects continued.

Bell, a second-term legislator and National Rifle Association life member, has previously supported allowing guns in churches as “removing a state mandated restriction on religious freedom.”

His tweet said:

Bell has also backed legislation to make concealed carry licenses cheaper and to prevent the governor from regulating firearms even in state emergencies. In 2010 told Arkansas Carry, a state gun rights group, that he supports Stand Your Ground laws and tax exemptions for sales of gun and ammo manufactured in state.

 Herman Cain’s CainTV agrees (Inventer of the 999 millimeter!) :

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