Friday, August 9, 2013

Pictures of an Amazing Bride with Vitiligo goes viral!

Usually videos go viral. You know the ones that feature a couple’s unique first dance, an adorable baby doing something extraordinary or a well-planned marriage proposal. Photos don’t go viral as often, but over the last few weeks a beautiful wedding photo has done just that. This photo belongs to Nicole and Brandon Wylie, who recently celebrated their 6th year wedding anniversary.

Nicole and Brandon Wiley and family
Nicole and Brandon Wylie and family. (Photos: Black and Married With Kids)

After receiving such an amazing response, they decided to share their story with the BMWK family. We are honored they chose us and excited to share their story with you. I have to say, after interviewing these two, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard, in an interview, as I did during this one. This couple is amazing, and their love story is an inspiration to us all.

BMWK: First, I want to thank you both for sharing your story. We were excited to hear from Nicole. Can you share with us what happened when you posted the wedding picture on Facebook recently? Nicole, you posted it right?

Nicole: Well, Actually, both of us posted it. What do you mean no, no, no? (talking to Brandon in the background) It was our anniversary.

Brandon: (in the background): Let me take the phone.

Nicole: Let me tell you Tiya, one thing about my husband. My husband thinks, he knows it all. He’s going to always have an extended version of my stories.

Brandon: So, okay Tiya are you ready?

BMWK: I’m ready ready, this is going to be the real story huh?

Brandon: Yes, Real Househusbands of Atlanta.

Nicole: Whatever (laughs)

Brandon: So, we were at dinner celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary and I was looking across the table over a bucket of crab legs just gazing into her eyes and I thought to myself, let me update my Facebook page with a picture of my boo. I said alright I’ll change my background picture. When I did that, didn’t think anything of it. That’s all I did and I showed it to her and said remember this? And she goes “ahhh” while she’s cracking the crab legs and the juice hit me in the eye. So I started crying cause the crab juice hit me in the eye.

(all laugh)

Nicole: Stop it! (laughs)

Brandon: By the time we got home that evening we literally had about 700 likes. I said what is going on. She doesn’t know 700 people.
Nicole: Whatever.

Brandon: I’m like babe this thing is growing. Then it’s like over 1.4k. I’m like what! Before that night was over, the first night, the picture on my page got to about 3,000 likes, the first night. The first 6 hours of the posting.


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