Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ted Nugent: Trayvon Martin Got What He Deserved

Ted Nugent, the 80’s rocker who has found a second career as right-wing flame thrower, appeared on a talk radio show in Maine on Saturday and said that Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17 year old black Florida teen who was shot and killed last year, deserved his fate.

Nugent again referred to Martin as a “gangsta wannabe,” doubling down on comments he made in an Op-Ed he penned immediately following the acquittal of Martin’s killer George Zimmerman. On Saturday he went further, baselessly arguing that Martin was driven by “bloodthirst,” constantly looking to “get into fights with people,” and ultimately “got justice.”

Nugent also responded to his critics, who unleashed a wave of criticism after his initial remarks about Trayvon and race. “Sub-human numb nuts” is how Nugent referred to a group of protesters in New Haven, Connecticut, who began circulating a petition calling on the venue for one of the rocker’s upcoming shows to cancel the gig.

A protest is planned outside the venue if the concert does take place on Tuesday as scheduled.

Nugent is no stranger to controversy. In the heat of the 2012 elections, Nugent laid bare his distaste for President Obama by threatening him and all elected Democrats, calling on conservatives to “chop their heads off in November.” The remark prompted the Secret Service to bring in Nugent for questioning but didn’t stop the Romney campaign from actively seeking Nugent’s endorsement and bending to the musician’s will in an attempt to secure it.

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