Monday, December 17, 2012

Texas Gun Store Owner Is Offering Teacher Discounts

Crocket Keller, owner of Kellers Riverside Gun Store near Austin, TX, announced on local radio show KRLD that he would start offering a discount for teachers who want to carry a concealed weapon after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on Friday. Keller talked enthusiastically of the need to arm teachers:

HOST: In light of this tragic, tragic shooting, teachers, educators may be wanting to get themselves certified to carry a concealed handgun. If they came to your store, what would you do for them and what kind of guidance would you give?

KELLER: Well, as we do with veterans, I would offer them a discount. Our normal rate is $110, so I would give them a rate of $90. If they are teachers, we would be more than happy to do that. We need to lobby our various state governments to allow teachers to be armed. We have airline pilots that now carry pistols or weapons of some sort. I think the same thing needs to happen in these gun-free zones that are so dangerous.

Keller went on to argue, “Any place where the citizenry is not allowed to defend itself is at risk.” This is a common claim by pro-gun advocates that has been debunked repeatedly. While many gun rights advocates have argued that armed teachers could have saved the lives of the Newtown children, not a single mass murder in the past 30 years has been stopped by a civilian with a gun. Moreover, an analysis by the Harvard Injury Control Research Center found that the high accessibility of guns creates a higher risk of homicide across the board at the city, state, and national levels.

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