Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yet Another MTA Bus Driver Is Attacked In Baltimore (Baltimore Once Had A Theme, "Believe" It should simply say now "Behave!"

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Police release images of the suspects in a MTA bus driver attack.

Adam May has the latest on this growing problem.

WJZ has learned the driver was beaten so severely he was rushed to Shock Trauma with major injuries to his face.

Melee breaks out during the evening rush hour on the 13 line.

MTA assault suspects

Police say two passengers on a MTA bus assaulted a driver Thursday at North Avenue and Poplar Grove.

“A man and woman on the coach began striking one of operators, injured to the point he required hospitalization,” said Terry Owens, MTA spokesman.

MTA officials say it started with a verbal altercation, which is alarming to the union that represents drivers.

“It’s like an all-out attack on operators and something needs to be done,” said David McClure, union president.

Attacks like this one and other recent assaults across the United States are raising concerns over driver safety.

The MTA has now added audio recordings on top of video recordings to all buses.

“These are tools that can help us safeguard our passengers and employees,” Owens said.

The drivers’ union also wants undercover officers on buses and tougher laws against the crime.

“People are just getting away with it,” McClure said.

A recent WJZ investigation revealed drivers are afraid of some passengers.

“They’re just really disrespectful. They really are. It’s just outrageous how they act,” a driver said.

In this case, investigators are searching for new leads to track down the suspects.


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