Friday, January 11, 2013

Atlanta police seek serial robber the "Brick Bandit!"


Atlanta police are searching for a man they say has robbed several women at a downtown area.

Authorities believe the so-called "Brick Bandit" is responsible for at least five robberies at a property on Chapel Street in the last several months.

Surveillance footage shows the small-framed man pounces on three women trying to get to an elevator. He eventually ran away after getting a purse.

In another incident, a neighbor said that the men jumped out from behind bushes and grabbed her.

Another surveillance video shows a third attack. That footage shows a woman beaten by the man as she tried to hold on to her purse.

Alison Park said that she was the first victim back in March.

"When I got just inside the parking deck, I kind of sensed something and looked over my right shoulder and saw this guy with his arm cocked back coming toward me with a brick in his hand and his arm cocked back and I think he was probably two arm lengths away from me," Parker said.

Parker said that she gave the man her stuff.

In another robbery, the bandit used a gun.

Anyone with information on the robberies is urged to contact the Atlanta Police Department at (404) 658-6636.


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