Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gun Shop Owner Protests Obama’s Gun Proposals By Giving Away 1,000 Rounds Of Ammo

The national debate over regulating assault weapons and extended magazine clips sparked an idea for the owner of one Pennsylvania gun shop: To give away some of each.

In response to the policy proposals put forth by President Obama and members of Congress, Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms owner Eric Lowry came up with the idea to offer one AR-15, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and 30 high-capacity magazine clips, for free, on its Facebook page. He says that it’s an important move to signal he disapproves of any government regulation on firearms:

KDKA-AM’s Larry and John talk to Lowry about his giveaway and his thoughts on gun control. At his gun shop, they sell all kinds of guns, including police and military style weapons, as well as tactical classes on survival and defense. He believe it’s everyone’s right to own any kind of gun you would want.

“It’s your Second Amendment right to own a gun, no matter what kind of firearm it is,” says Lowry. “Citizens should be armed well enough to defend themselves against a tyrannical government in which case they should be able to own the same kind of firearms that any military soldier should be able to own.”

Firearm sellers have noted a marked increase in sales in the months following the massacre at Newtown. That is in part thanks to the National Rifle Association ginning up fear that the government may soon ban all weapons, or make it impossible for law-abiding citizens to own firearms.

But Lowry’s symbolic gesture is nothing compared to others’ efforts to undermine gun laws. A group in Idaho has gone so far as to set up survivalist communities that consider themselves exempt from federal and state laws. State lawmakers, meanwhile, continue their efforts to try to nullify any and all federal laws about guns.

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