Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some Art Work From Alex L. To Spark Some Thought


  1. I love your work...however can you stop depicting only one side of the story. There are plenty of conscious, intelligent black women walking this earth but you wouldn't know it by looking at this page. I am a single mother who was "tricked" by someone who presented himself as a real man and didn't know until it was too late he was a "thug". I despise "thugs" and never would have given him the time of day had I known the truth. I could tell you my life story but I wont... just asking that you please use your wonderful abilities to paint the WHOLE picture not just bits and pieces. I love what you do, keep up the good work, and bring consciousness to those who need it. Peace.

    1. I think just by reading your comments shows a lot about your life story. I work at a job where the things I work on have several complex parts and always have problems. However, the key thing is they always give off signs of what could be wrong with them during many of the operations required to assemble them. Which I am sure your "Thug" did quite a few times during your interactions with him! Please don't say you were "Tricked," only that you wanted what you wanted and refused to see what you had until it did not want you. Or speaking in reference to the machines I build. Until it stopped working or never would have worked in the first place. I respect your comment but I think what your asking is would I please leave certain parts of the story out. Consciousness is not the problem, it's awareness and judgement. Things decided today totally 100% by Women.

      I hope you find Peace :-)