Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Russell Brand Schools A Morning Joe Panel: This Guy Actually Made A lot of Sense, I'm Glad He Got Mika With His Funny Guy Logic Bomb

Russell Brand’s late-night news show on FX, Brand X never quite came together and has been cancelled by the network. But his appearance on Morning Joe this week to promote his new stand-up tour illustrated why, while Brand may not have been adept at hosting a full half-hour or hour of news and interviews, he’s strikingly gifted as a guest, correspondent, or columnist:

I got 100% what he was trying to to get at. He was right in front of them and they called him "He" twice when they could have just spoken his name as to say he was not important. This is something that happens a lot when people have conversations with each other. Sometimes most people don't realize they are doing it, or are doing it out of disrespect, but you have to love his way of making them acknowledge him.

I am not a fan of Morning Joe or Mika Brzezinski, specially when she starts using her conservative logic on how they see the world. All I can say is, "Russell", next stop for you should be Fox And Friends."

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