Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Proof Of Actual Voter FRAUD In Colorado, "Oh forgot to say for Romney Only"

Check out this voter fraud caught on camera. She claims to be an employee of the County Clerks office – but is only registering one particular party, in addition to exit polling. Why isn’t there harsher laws against voter fraud since the presidential elections are so important to this country.

                                                       "THAT'S ALL I NEED HONEYBUNCH!"

This is how it works, Repubs get caught doing something or saying something wrong and in the explanation they include both parties. Even, if they were the first an only ones to ever do it!

Talk to any conservative, instead of debating what their guy is currently doing, they will find something to relate to your guy and no matter what was done by there guy, you end the supposed debate talking and defending your guy.

This is how they have made this whole voter thing stick anyway.

More On The Story:

COLORADO SPRINGS — A shaky YouTube video of a voter-registration effort outside a Colorado Springs grocery store led the county's elections boss to clarify Sunday that campaign volunteers aren't on the government payroll.

The incident caught on video shows an encounter between a patron and a young female volunteer who was apparently working to make sure voters backing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney made it to the polls. The problem: The young woman, after some head-scratching, says her work to boost the GOP turnout is funded by the county clerk.

Neither the volunteer on the recording nor the patron could be tracked down Sunday. But some who saw the video were outraged, demanding an investigation of County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams, a Republican.

Williams said the woman doesn't work for his office, which oversees local elections and voter registration.


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