Monday, September 24, 2012

Women Earn Less Than Men In 97 Percent Of Congressional Districts

Women are earning less than men in 97 percent of Congressional districts, the National Partnership for Women and Families has calculated. That means that only 13 members of Congress have the privilege of representing an area where women are out-earning or making equal pay to men.

Nationally, women make just .77 cents to a man’s dollar on average, but in some districts, that number is as low as .61 cents:


The gender pay gap manifests itself in several ways. Some dispute the top-line average, claiming that women make choices about the amount they work and the type of work they pursue, which limits their earning power. But these “choices” can also just be limiting factors enforced by an expectation that a woman should stay home to raise children, as well as discrimination that discourages women from pursuing particular career tracks. And that’s not to mention that men out-earn women even in the same exact job.

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