Monday, October 29, 2012

Politics On Hold As Hurricane Sandy Approaches

The presidential race has come to an abrupt halt for President Obama, who headed back to Washington, DC this morning as the largest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, Hurricane Sandy, approached the East Coast shore.

Yesterday, the President canceled events in two important battleground states that will bear the brunt of the storm, Virginia and New Hampshire. But this morning, with worsening conditions across the eastern seaboard, he opted out of his one remaining event, a campaign stop with former President Bill Clinton in Orlando, Florida.

Romney, for his part, cancelled events in Virginia, a state that is already dealing with damages from Sandy. He will, however, be campaigning with running mate Paul Ryan in the swing states of Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin. His campaign has also suspended emails to supported in DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York.

Maryland, one of the states expected to be hit hard by the storm, canceled early voting today.

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