Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Award For Ghetto Momma Of The Year Goes To This Bytch Here, If You See Her, Report Her! (Or Should I Say Friend Of Ghetto Momma?

Out of all the video's I have seen online this one made me feel kind of bad. The girl should not have young kids around her, at all.  Want you kid to swim? Good, take them to the Y! She may just have done more to scare the child from ever really trying to learn to swim.

Not only that, to know there are more women like that out there, using this type judgement for the world to see is a scary thought. So to keep this child from following you, you would drown her? She made an Ass of herself for the world, and for the white guy following her with his camera. Did she even notice or care?

See What Has Me Troubled:

You should read some of the racist comments said about this incident, As a black man do black women even care anymore? Do we even care that our lives are judged for shit like this every second by people who don't value us as people anyway?  Also, not just black women but do Blacks as a whole realize what kind of game is being played here? 

For myself to say that I will only look out for my own piece of earth is no longer a real statement cause these acts bring attention to all of us whether you were involved or not.  I can remember, on October 19, 2012 I was on my way to work and while on the train a Hispanic male was expressing his views about the debates and Mitt Romney. He was very upset with the fact that there were, "So Many People On Welfare Today."

As a black male when you hear statements like this you know that he is only referring to "Black People" and for those who might hear a angry conservative speak in these terms remember it's all they mean, period! I turned around to to get into this conversation, he quickly noticed that he had hit a nerve with those who were around him and tuned down his outward anger. I had my head phones on at the time and could not hear everything but I did catch and notice his expressions when making the statement, so I turned off the music and listened, waiting for my chance to 'join' the conversation.

However, to my knowledge he was already getting the business from a young white kid who was debating him point by point. Still, if you have ever debated a die hard conservative you know they will talk over you with their false hoods even if they are wrong! Still, the kid did pretty good defending black people and factual checking this guy. I actual did not have to join the conversation, I did however walk by and look at the guy to let him know that he was noticed. 

I bring up this story cause, a girl sitting in the area where this all went on said to me as I got off the train, "I was on welfare, that's how I got this job." I asked her why didn't you say anything? After taking with her for about two more minutes I saw that if she would have said anything the guy would have eaten her alive cause she was of the same caliber of broad in the video!

Note: One site I posted this on says I am being too harsh of the girl in the video with the child. One person suggested that "Sometimes a kid needs a little trauma in their life!" Another person stated I was not cultured enough or have been under a rock for my commentary. Still what troubles me is that they see nothing wrong.  

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