Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Media Blows It Again!

CNN found itself with egg on its face, yet again, when it reported that an arrest had been made in the Boston bombings and was then forced to walk that news back.

CNN was not alone—many other outlets reported that an arrest had been made—but it was the first and most prominent outlet to tout its scoop.

The network's John King, citing multiple sources, said that an arrest had been made. Fran Townsend, a contributor to the network, also said it had been made.

The Boston Globe agreed. Fox News also reported an arrest. The Associated Press did so as well.

Leading the way in its dispute of that story was NBC News. Citing multiple federal sources, he said, "No arrest has been made."

"The FBI is looking for someone. They have a face. They don't know where he is," Williams said.

CBS News also tweeted that no arrest had been made.

Some minutes later, CNN suddenly appeared to be walking back its story:

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