Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Want to get hired? Did you check Black or African American on a Diversity Check list? Well see what happens once you change it to white!

I am sure someone has heard of stories like this before. But what a lot of people don't say is that it's true! Listen below to the story of a women who changed her name on Monster, after applying for several positions as Black female and not receiving a single call. Yet, when she used the same information and changed her Diversity answer to white, the calls started coming in:

See Video Below:

Full Back Story:

"Yolanda Spivey is an African American woman, she was unemployed for two years, and had applied for over 300 jobs to no avail despite a having a decade worth of experience in the insurance industry, and a college degree. Spivey wrote in Techyville that as an experiment, she first started declining to state her ethnicity on Monster.Coms Diversity Questionnaire, but that had no effect. Spivey then created a fake profile, with identical information, except that her fictitious job candidate was white, and was aptly named Bianca White (Bianca means white in Spanish). Suddenly, responses from employers came pouring in. David Pakman discusses Spiveys discovery, and also makes a surprising revelation about his own little experiment with ethnicity on The David Pakman Show." -

A few brain washed blacks say that "Affirmative Action" should go away, which I think is just crazy. I also like this guys take on the whole thing as well: Click Here



  1. NOt surprised at all. The same could be said for AFrican American people and names.What happened to Yolanda, happens every second of the day.

    This is exactly why Affirmative Action was created in the first place.The climate of secret racism, is at a high point right now. Any minority seeking a job, should do as Yolanda did, and save both profiles to use against them if need be......