Thursday, May 30, 2013

Google Will Post Detailed Nutritional Information For More Than 1,000 Foods Starting Today

Wondering how much that fat is in that burrito? Google wants to make it a little easier to find out.

The search giant announced that beginning Thursday, consumers will have easier access to “extensive nutrition information” for more than 1,000 common foods. The list includes basics such as meats and vegetables, and even not-so-basics like chow mein.

On one of its official blogs, Google posted some examples of what the detailed search results will look like once the feature is fully implemented:


The company also explained that, over time, it would be “adding more features, foods, and languages” to the service. The current iteration is voice command-compatible and even displays a drop down menu that includes foods similar to what a user searches for.

This isn’t the first time that Google has modified its core services in an effort to promote public health. Google searches related to suicide automatically bring up the national suicide hotline, and activists have been urging Google to implement a similar policy for searches about eating disorders.

Studies have shown that having more knowledge about foods’ nutritional content corresponds with lower obesity rates.

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