Friday, May 24, 2013

Governor Finally Remembers He Has One Latino On His Staff

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) remembered the one Latino in his administration on Thursday, one day after ThinkProgress highlighted an exchange in which he said “we do not have any staff members” who are Latino.

The remarks, filmed last week during a roundtable discussion hosted by ALD√ćA NewsMedia, also captured Corbett joking that Latino people don’t live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, Corbett’s staff identified Maria Montero, the Director of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs. The Philly Post has more:

I would have published this sooner, but I was waiting from a response from Corbett’s people confirming that there’s really no one else. In fairness, the administration also used to employ preternaturally grumpy Eli Aliva as Secretary of Health and nominated Ken Trujillo for Commissioner of the PLCB.

Corbett also lashed out at ThinkProgress during an event on Thursday and highlighted his administration’s effort to nominate a Latino nominee. “There are candidates out there on the Democratic side [and] there are liberal organizations coming out of Washington that want to have an impact on the governor’s race here in Pennsylvania,” he sad. “I nominated Ken Trujillo, a well-known Latino Hispanic from Philadelphia, a Democrat for the LCB. The Democrats rejected him. Why aren’t you writing about that?”

ThinkProgress has previously reported that the governor has established a commission of Latino affairs, which his website describes as “the Commonwealth’s advocate agency for its Latino community.”

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