Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brian Banks Gets A Pro Team Deal!

LAS VEGAS — Brian Banks, a one-time high school football star who was recently exonerated in a California rape case in which he was falsely accused, is finally getting a chance to play professional football.

The 26-year-old Banks, a linebacker, is signing with the Las Vegas Locomotives of theUnited Football League.

The team confirmed the news in a statement Wednesday.

Banks served more than five years in prison following a conviction a decade ago on rape and kidnapping charges. The woman later recanted her claim and offered to help Banks clear his name.

Banks and the Locomotives will announce the signing at a news conference Thursday.

Locomotives coach Jim Fassel says the team is pleased to give Banks “an opportunity in football that was denied him years ago.”


Good this brother going to have a chance at what could have been. He will make some money which is good and I think he will respect and honor a job better then T.O or Chad Johnson would. However, what that broad did to him is just not right. Is anyone going to bring any real charges against her?

I can remember video tape meant something, but today it's backward. People will believe and make judgments of people based on what's said or thought of them. Yet, if you hear what a person said on video, in their own words, nothing happens.

Just don't get it!

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