Sunday, September 2, 2012

Martin O'Malley: 'Yes, We Can' Blame GOP For Unemployment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Can Democrats continue to blame Republicans for high unemployment? Martin O'Malley, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, says, "Yes, we can."

On Sunday, Candy Crowley, host of CNN's "State of the Union," asked O'Malley, the governor of Maryland, whether Democrats can blame Republicans specifically for 17 percent joblessness among younger Americans.

"Actually, yes, we can," O'Malley said. "Because more jobs were created in the private sector last year alone than in all eight years of George W. Bush. Look, we did not get into the economic problems we did because President Obama was in office for two months. The ground was laid by the bad policies of George W. Bush, and that came at the expense of the growing middle class and giving huge tax breaks to the billionaires."

Speakers at the Republican National Convention last week said Democrats should quit pointing the finger at Obama's predecessor. Jeb Bush, George W. Bush's brother, said, "Mr. President, it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies. You were dealt a tough hand, but your policies have not worked."

Polls show that voters do still blame Bush more than Obama for the country's economic problems.

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