Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More absurd than interviewing a chair?

Dear Readers,

So last week the Republican party came out with their official platform and, not surprisingly, it included some really special love for the banks:

"The federal government should not be in the business of originating student loans... Private sector participation in student financing should be welcomed." 

Why are they all hyped up about this? Well, until a few years ago, every time the government loaned a student money, they would essentially hand it to a bank first. The bank would take a cut, and then turn around loan money to the student. That makes no sense -- which is why, under President Obama, we cut out the middle man and loaned to students directly.

Now, Republicans want to give banks their sweetheart deal back. That sounds like an absolutely absurd idea. Actually, that sounds like one of the least logical ideas I've ever heard -- so crazy and ridiculous that I'm having trouble describing it. Will you help?

Finish the sentence below by thinking of something that makes zero sense whatsoever, and we'll pick the best analogies and spread them as far and wide as possible.

Letting banks profit off of education is like...

Example: Letting banks profit off of education is like... allowing Clint Eastwood to interview a chair on your most important night of the year.

...putting Cookie Monster in charge of a bakery.

Go ahead, try it out (don't be shy -- it can't be any worse than the original idea of banks being in charge, right??)

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