Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ridley Road Market Merchant's In The UK, Caught Selling Cane Rat Meat On Camera (Wow Halal Markets Too!)

Cane rats and "shocking" quantities of illegal and "potentially unsafe" meat have been sold to the public in east London, BBC London has found.

Secret filming showed meat that broke food safety laws being prepared.

West African and environmental health officer sources said Ridley Road Market, in Dalston, was a known hotbed of illicit meat activity.

Traders have denied the claims while Hackney Council said it had only received one complaint since 2009.

BBC London's Guy Lynn spoke to chartered environmental health consultant Dr Yunes Teinaz, environmental health officer Paul Povey and African Health Policy Network chief Francis Kaikumba.


Wow, this is something even from the Halal places too! At one time I would only buy my cheese steaks and takeout stuff from carry outs that were strictly Halal places. But in Bmore I have noticed the ones located in my area were closing down left and right not even being open for a year.

This article really makes me think now. Even as I cross the ones located in a white/hispanic area. The Video is funny. African's are very funny when they are caught doing things they know are illegal, and so are the people who you would never think of ever doing this, the Halal businesses. Which usually are right in the middle of things if you dig. The BBC reporter did good work.

Also notice that Asian merchants were not included in this sting operation? Or was it that Asian are not doing what most people would usually say?

If that's what's going on there, then in America since we also only monitor the dollar and not health. I wonder what we could be getting?

Sources: BBC, Newsone

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