Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bra Holsters, Pink Guns, And Other Products For Women Sold At The NRA Convention

HOUSTON, TX — The National Rifle Association (NRA) is an overwhelmingly male organization. There’s a reason for that: women are all too familiar with the ways guns can make a dangerous situation worse. They tend to support gun violence prevention measures by over 20 points more than their male counterparts.

The NRA and its allies in the gun industry have realized that fifty percent of the population is a rather large market to leave untapped. Unfortunately, the most visible attempts to broaden the gun lobby’s appeal to women at the NRA convention this week haven’t been newly moderated policies, but stands that sell pink guns which can be strapped to a bra.


Choosy ladies choose bra holsters

Vendors also offered various rifles and clothing options for women in colors ranging from fuchsia to lavender:


His and hers assault rifles

Bumper stickers for sale

Walking throughout the exhibit hall, there were few booths focused on the threat women face of domestic violence. But there were plenty of pink gun accessories:

Items for sale at the "Packing in Pink" booth

No booth proposed new ways to stop stalkers who go on to murder women from obtaining guns, but there were posters on how to look sexy with your firearm (to be fair, we have some doubts that women are the intended audience for these posters):


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