Monday, May 6, 2013

How Much Peace In The Middle East has Cost The US Over The Years, War -vs- Economic Aid Edition

Over the last six decades, the U.S. has invested $299 billion in military and economic aid for Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries currently in turmoil. Egypt tops a list of ten nations, receiving $114 billion since the end of World War II. Iraq comes in second, getting nearly $60 billion from the U.S. (over and above war costs).

Far outpacing those ten countries is Israel, an ally that received another $185 billion in U.S. aid in the same period. Its close neighbor Syria is near the low end of the aid spectrum, but is certainly taking center stage in world affairs today.

What did all that money buy the U.S.? Neither regional stability nor automatic support.


To Recipients of US Foreign Aid:

10. Tanzania ($531 million)

9. Ethiopia ($580 million)

8. Nigeria ($625 million)

7. Kenya ($625 million)

6. Jordan ($676 Million)

5. Egypt ($1,557 million)

*4. Iraq ($1,683 million):
With many reconstruction efforts completed, assistance to Iraq has declined recently. The AP reports billions of U.S. dollars have been wasted since 2003, with much of the money going into corrupt contracts.
*3. Pakistan ($2,102 million):
Surprised the Pakistan comes in ahead of Iraq? U.S.-Pakistan relations may be rocky, but the country is considered one of three "frontline states" on the war on terror. Security assistance and aid "designed to limit the appeal of extremist organizations" have contributed to an increase in funding. 
*2. Afghanistan ($2,327 million):
After over a decade at war and ahead of the United States' planned withdrawal in 2014, Afghanistan remains a top recipient of U.S. foreign affairs spending.

*1. Israel ($3,075 million):
Israel's special relationship with the United States pays off when it comes to foreign aid. The Jewish state has long been a top recipient of foreign aid, receiving nearly $3.1 billion in 2012.

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