Wednesday, May 15, 2013

North Carolina Women Don 1960s Garb To Protest ‘Vintage’ Bill That Threatens Birth Control Access

North Carolina is advancing a measure that would effectively allow personal beliefs to trump women’s access to birth control. Under HB 730, employers in the state could decide not to include contraceptives in their workers’ insurance plans for any reason — a direct violation of the popular Obamacare provision that stipulates women should receive birth control coverage at no additional cost to them. But as lawmakers debate HB 730, women’s health advocates in the state want them to know they’re not willing to be dragged back to the 1960s without a fight.

“We love a good vintage look — but not when it’s running the state legislature,” the local Planned Parenthood affiliate explained in a press release. That’s why Planned Parenthood supporters dressed up in 1960s clothing to attend a House committee hearing about HB 730 on Wednesday.

The 1960s apparel is intended to communicate that state lawmakers are trying to turn back the clock to past decades, when women didn’t have the freedom to control their own reproductive decisions. Planned Parenthood raised awareness about HB 703 with a Mad Men-themed event in advance of the committee hearing, and then sent dozens of vintage-garbed supporters to Wednesday’s debate (all photos courtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Central North Carolina):


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