Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NRA Tries To Put Out "Zombie Target" Of The President, But The Rev AL Calls It What It Is!

Although many networks continue to pretend that people on both sides of the political aisle are equally nasty toward each other in the name of patronization balance, leave it to the National Rifle Association to blow such silly folklore to smithereens. This week, the Rev. Al Sharpton (pictured) took shots at what he dubbed “The Right-Wing Horror Picture Show” on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation.” The segment focused on Buzzfeed’s report about the NRA asking a vendor at its convention to remove a life-size zombie target, which bleeds when shot and resembles President Barack Obama (pictured below).

Watch Sharpton’s discussion here:

nra obama zombies
They call this thing "Rock" or "Barry" short for Barrack Obama

Read More At NewsOne! Also Join in the discussion against those who can't even debate that this was a show of racism. But will see this as a chance to spread lies about what and who is holding up the presidents agenda. 


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