Monday, May 13, 2013

Wayne Brady Is Tired Of Being Used By Others For Comparison As When A Black Man Is Not Considered Black Enough: Calls Out Bill Maher

Even though Wayne Brady respects Bill Maher as a comedian and performer, there's no love lost between the two, thanks to Maher's repeated use of Brady as a punchline about Obama's lack of "black" cred.

Brady spoke about how Maher has characterized him back in July on Aisha Tyler's podcast, and on Monday, he stopped by HuffPost Live and amplified his sentiments, explaining what he apparently has to do to prove his "black man" bona fides to the "Real Time" host. Something tells us Maher wouldn't enjoy it.

Watch the clip below (and check out Questlove's response to Brady's original Maher comments below).

Looks like Chappelle had Wayne Brady right all along:

But just using my own eyes on this, I wonder does Wayne know that white America does sometime use Himself and Aisha Tyler as the go to blacks for T.V. Shows and other stuff like that? That's just an insight opinion about this since he is speaking on this now.   This is to Bill Maher from Dave Chappelle, "Run Bitch, Run For Your Life, Get Some Help!" LOL

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