Thursday, June 13, 2013

Naked Man Goes Off And Attacks People At California Bart Station (Crazy Must See)

A naked man –who appears to be high out of his mind– entered the BART station in San Francisco, CA completely naked. He starts pushing and grabbing men and women as they walk past him. He’s doing flips, standing on top of the gates, rolling on the floor and grabbing his genitals while chasing women.

It’s being reported that his name is Yeiner Perez, a 24 year old acrobat with the Clown Snot Bombs. San Francisco police arrived first and arrested Perez without much struggle, said Officer Wilson Ng, a department spokesman. According to SFGate, Perez was taken to California Pacific Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation and then was kept at the facility on an emergency psychiatric hold.

Timsomor Note: We can all agree this guy is a bit off, but he did not go on a shooting spree! The way America treats Mental Illness is by putting people like him in jail! That's all the treatment they get.


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