Thursday, July 18, 2013

Confederate Flag-Loving Black Man Takes Racist Patriotism To Capital Hill

A Capitol Hill staffer forwards this intern's widely circulated email to HuffPost Hill, noting that she feels "morally obligated to share." Thank you.

And thank you, Hill intern, for loving this awesome country so much. Your party invites are undoubtedly on the way.

You may remember this guy who as a kid who went on YouTube to profess his love for the Confederate Flag a year or so ago? Well, Byron Thomas has taken his love for all things Dixie Mason to Capital Hill, where he is an intern for Tim Scott, the Republican Senator from South Carolina.

Given that he has just been on the job for fewer than two weeks, you would think the young man would simply get settled in and learn his job. But not Mr. Thomas.

His email:

byron thomas tim scott

Thomas seems pretty committed to America–the old one that is. Far as I am concerned he can suck a "Dixie!" Damn sellout!

Byron Thomas Confederate Flag

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