Monday, July 22, 2013

Miss Bumbum Excluded Black Women From The Competition This Year, Seriously Have You Seen What Thick Butt Black Brazilians look like!

Well, this certainly isn’t a surprise, but then, maybe it is. If you’ve followed any of the posts on BW of Brazil, you know that the exclusion of Afro-Brazilians is nothing new; in reality, in Brazil, it’s the standard! But this annual contest to find the woman with the best butt in Brazil has to take the cake. It’s one thing that Brazil’s women’s magazinestelevision programsbeauty contestsmodeling runways and even men’s adult magazines are dominated by people who look as if they came straight from Europe, but how is it that a contest that awards the woman with the best “asset”, an “asset” that women of African descent have always been made the subject of disgust, objectification, eroticism and exoticism, excludes any women of visible African ancestry?!?** Not even a light-skinned “mulata“?

Contestants from the states of:
top, L to R: Acre, Alagoas, Amapá, Amazonas, Bahia
bottom, L to R: Ceará, Federal District, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Maranhão

In some ways, one could argue that this is a double-edged sword. I mean, after all, isn’t this just another contest that simply objectifies a woman’s body? In this case, maybe it’s better that Afro-Brazilian women weren’t part of this contest anyway. Well, considering that this is Brazil, which has a worldwide image of beautiful women parading, and shaking what their mamas gave ‘em on a national and international stage, this is a contradiction. Brazil’s yearly Carnaval is proof in itself that there are countless Afro-Brazilian women who have no problem with partial or near complete public nudity and self-exhibition. As we have discussed previously here on this blog, the stereotypical roles that Brazilian society has set aside for women of African descent are that of the maid, the cook, the sexual fantasy and the Carnaval dancer. Because of these stereotypes associating black women with gyrating hips and hyperactive sexuality, when black Brazilian women achieve prestigious honors that have nothing to do with their bodies, it is not rare that they are thought to be out of their element.

Timsomor Note:

If I get some money, Brazil will mos def be one of the places I go before I die! Just to see the Afro Brazilian Women. It's said that their friendliness and how they are just open to a mans respect, rivals their beauty.  Something to indeed think about.

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