Friday, July 19, 2013

Two (IN PLAIN SIGHT RACIST) Show Up To Trayvon Rally Wearing ‘N-Word’ T-Shirts, Clearly In An Attempt To Insight Violence

You can always count on someone to be a complete ass when a tense racial situation arises. Since the verdict came down in the murder trial of George Zimmerman, there have been a several sad examples of this phenomenon. Today’s comes from a rally for Trayvon Martin in Wichita, Kansas, where two gigantic assholes thought it would be funny to show up wearing shirts featuring racist epithets.

One clever fellow’s t-shirt read “This shirt can say nigger because it’s black.” The other bright bulb’s t-shirts said something about not fixing your “fucking” computer.


They were confronted by the protesters and quickly ran away – because they were, in their hearts, cowards. The protesters, meanwhile, behaved admirably and did not overreact to the unnecessary provocation.

Confronted before driving away by one of the protesters and asked if they were attempting to start a riot or just thought the provocation would be funny, the two comedians sheepishly admitted to the latter.

Watch the clip below:

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