Wednesday, July 31, 2013

'Georgie' Zimmerman Pulled Over For Speeding, Asked Cop: "Do you know who I am?"

Less than a month after being acquitted of second-degree murder charges related to his killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was reportedly caught speeding Wednesday, with a gun in the glove compartment of his vehicle. The incident took place in the town of Forney, Tex., TMZ reports.

Higher Education Is ‘Separate And Unequal’ For Minority Students

A new report from the Center for Education and the Workforce at Georgetown has harsh conclusions for the higher education system: Minority students are at a continued disadvantage in attending selective colleges.

Health Officials Get Closer To Identifying The Source Of Mystery Stomach Bug Outbreak

On Tuesday, state health officials in Iowa and Nebraska made big strides in identifying the source of a mysterious outbreak of food-borne cyclospora, a rare parasite that has left over 350 people in 15 states suffering from flu-like symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Officials in those states say the culprit is prepackaged mixed salad — but the Centers for Disease Control are still unsure if the same product is to blame for outbreaks in the 13 other states.

Chris Hayes Flips The Script: Satirical Tirade Against White Culture

MSNBC host Chris Hayes mocked Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday, parodying the Fox News host’s claim “black culture” was fundamentally violent.

Court Clerk Fired For Helping Secure DNA Test That Proved A Man’s Innocence

A 70-year-old woman employed by the same court for more than 34 years was fired just nine months before her scheduled retirement, for helping an inmate obtain a DNA test that led to his exoneration.

Five Million Could Be Kicked Off Food Stamps Under Republican Cuts

Food stamp cuts proposed by Republicans could boot over 5 million people off of the program and create health problems that would cost the country more than the cuts save, according to a new analysis by the Health Impact Project.

Race Bating At It's Best: Rush Limbaugh Says Detroit Went Bankrupt Because Blacks Drove Out Whites

Economists are attributing Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing to problems facing the entire Rust Belt region: a shrinking tax base, high health and pension costs, sprawl, and general dysfunction. But on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh added another cause to the long list of factors that have contributed to the city’s downfall: black people.

Samsung's Galaxy Beats The iPhone In 'Smartphone Satisfaction:' Study

In another sign Apple is losing its luster, the iPhone just fell off its top spot as most satisfying smartphone in the United States.

Tiny Plastic Beads Are Latest Pollution Threat To The Great Lakes

July 30 (Reuters) - Tiny plastic beads from beauty products are showing up in North America's Great Lakes, and an environmental group is calling upon companies to stop using the plastic particles.

Obama Calls Out Republicans For Wasting Time On Keystone: ‘That’s Not A Jobs Plan’

In a speech on Tuesday focused on repairing the American economy, President Obama called out Republicans in Congress for flouting serious job-creation efforts in favor of trying to repeal environmental regulations and push for the creation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Can A Cop Search Your Cell Phone? It Depends On Who You Ask

The U.S. Supreme Court held 40 years ago that police who arrest someone have the authority to search items on “their person.” But that was before most people started carrying cell phones, let alone smartphones, which often contain as much information about a person as one might find from searching their home.

How The Social Safety Net Failed The 105 Child Prostitutes Rescued By The FBI

In a three-day crackdown on child prostitution, the FBI recovered 105 children and arrested 150 people involved in sex trafficking across 57 cities. Most of the exploited children are between 13 and 16 years old, and some started as young as 9 or 11. In a press conference Monday, FBI Acting Executive Assistant Director Kevin Perkins explained that prostitution rings target children who come from dire poverty.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Condoms May Boost Beneficial Bacteria In The Vagina

In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, condoms may help good bacteria in the vagina flourish, a new study from China shows.

Child Sex Trafficking Rescue: FBI Saves 105 Victims in 'Operation Cross Country'

The FBI has rescued 105 child sex-trafficking victims, FBI Assistant Director Ronald Hosko announced Monday.

Florida Cops Shoot Unarmed Black Man In His Mother’s Driveway

This weekend, deputies from Escambia County, Florida shot an unarmed man who went to grab cigarettes from the car parked in the driveway of his mother’s home. A neighbor called police at 2 a.m. because he suspected 60-year-old Roy Middleton was stealing the car. Things quickly escalated when two deputies arrived and ordered Middleton to “get your hands where I can see them,” the Pensacola News Journal reports:

Obama says income inequality could worsen racial tensions

In an interview with the New York Times, President Obama warned that racial tensions in America might “get worse” if the divide in income between the wealthiest Americans and the rest of the country comes to grow.

Billionaire Gets New Sports Arena in Bankrupt Detroit

The headline juxtaposition boggles the mind. You have, “Detroit Files Largest Municipal Bankruptcy in History” on one day. Then you have “Detroit Plans to Pay For New Red Wings Hockey Arena Despite Bankruptcy ” on the next.

Fast Food Walkouts Begin in Seven Cities Today

Starting today, workers in seven cities will begin the largest fast food worker mobilization in U.S. history. Staff at chains including McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and Wendy's will reportedly walk out in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City and Flint, Michigan.

Tar Sands Oil Has Been Leaking Into Alberta For 10 Weeks And No One Knows How To Stop It

A Canadian oil company still hasn’t been able to stop a series leaks from underground wells at a tar sands operation in Cold Lake, Alberta. The first leak was reported on May 20, with three others following in the weeks after — making it at least 10 weeks that oil has been flowing unabated.

Public Support For Background Checks Remains Strong, 100 Days After Senate Failed To Pass Measure

On April 17, the Senate failed to pass an amendment to institute comprehensive background checks for all gun sales, including at gun shows and on the Internet, despite overwhelming public support for the measure. A little more than 100 days later, universal background checks retains popular across the country.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don Lemon Brings In Larry Elder To 'Back Him Up' While Michael Skolnik Calls Lemon A Conservative Preacher Who O'Reilly Should Welcome

Don Lemon’s unusual point of agreement with Bill O’Reilly on race Saturday afternoon immediately led to some strange bedfellows, with Lemon finding himself in a corner with conservative radio host Larry Elder, and getting excoriated by Michael Skolnik, editor-in-chief of Global Grind.

The Sunday July 28Th, 2013 Talking Heads


"The president tries to change the subject to the economy," says Chris Wallace, indicating that his show and probably the others will try to change the subject to the economy, which they understand as something that shapes the electoral futures of affluent politicians, as opposed to a system that knits up all human Americans into its unraveling skein.

80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment: Survey

WASHINGTON -- Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

'I Don't Know That Much About This Bill' Yet I'll Sign It Anyway: NC Gov. Pat McCrory (R), Blindly Puts Out More Voter Suppression Laws

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) said Friday he would sign a bill passed by the North Carolina legislature that would become the most suppressive voting law in the nation. But when asked to speak about a provision in the bill that would prohibit 17-year-olds from registering in advance of their 18th birthday, McCrory admitted he “did not know enough” and had not read that portion of the bill.

Treasury Secretary Says There Will Be No Bailout For Detroit

On CNN’s State of the Union show on Sunday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was firm in saying that there will be no federal bailout for the city of Detroit, which is going through the largest city bankruptcy in America’s history.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Don Lemon Sides With Bill O’Reilly?: ‘He Doesn’t Go Far Enough’ In Criticizing Black Culture

Bill O’Reilly’s remarks on race last week drew heavy criticism from Chris Hayes, Bill Maher, Al Sharpton, Larry Wilmore, and more, but one unlikely person is agreeing with him: CNN host Don Lemon.

Bananas Thrown At Black Italian Minister, Cecile Kyenge, During Speech

ROME, July 27 (Reuters) - Italy's first black minister, a target of racist slurs since her appointment in April, has condemned a spectator who threw bananas towards her while she was making a speech at a party rally.

iPhone 5S Release Date September 6? iPhone And iPad Will Now Have Bigger Screens?

Sept. 6 iPhone 5S Release Date

The iPhone 5S may be just over a month away. Cult of Mac relayed a report from the German blog iFun that says the next iPhone will be "coming to market" on Sept. 6. iFun cites a very credible source "to be taken seriously," according to a HuffPost translation.

Slavery Reparations Sought By Caribbean Nations For 'Lingering Legacy Of Atlantic Slave Trade'

MIAMI — Leaders of more than a dozen Caribbean countries are launching a united effort to seek compensation from three European nations for what they say is the lingering legacy of the Atlantic slave trade.

Dream Deferred: Black Students Left Behind

NEW YORK -- When Dwight Davis, a black educator from Washington, D.C., thinks about his good teachers, he spouts their names in rapid succession. But when he reflects on the bad ones, their identities fade into a nightmarish blur. It's their actions that haunt him.

Sequestration Delays The Implementation Of Important Regulations

President Obama’s regulatory chief warned that sequestration and furloughs are delaying his agency’s ability to review proposed regulations.

Growing Number Of States Are Reporting Lower Than Expected Health Care Premiums

Health premiums in Maryland’s exchanges will be “among the lowest of the 12 states that have available proposed or approved rates for comparison,” the state’s exchange — Maryland Health Connection — announced Friday. The news comes just as New York,Oregon, Montana, California, and Louisiana are also reporting lower than expected premiums.

Steve King: In Private, Republicans Actually Agree With My ‘Cantaloupe-Sized Calves’ Comments

A growing number of Republicans are publicly distancing themselves from Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) claim that many undocumented youths are drug mules with cantaloupe-sized calves, but the conservative congressman claims that GOP lawmakers are backing him in private.

How One Zimmerman Juror Went From Second-Degree Murder To Acquittal

In interviews aired Thursday night and Friday morning, a juror who identified herself as “Maddy” from the six-person panel that acquitted George Zimmerman said she changed her vote from second-degree murder to acquittal after reconsidering the law as described to her in the jury instructions.

How Lax Regulations Are Turning China Into A Food Safety Nightmare

It’s been a pretty terrible week for food safety in China.

On Monday, Xinhua reported that a factory in the city of Kunming was using pond water to make rice vermicelli — specifically, pond water used for washing feet. That same day, the official state broadcasting group CCTV released the results of an investigation uncovering that ice served at a Beijing KFC location had 13 times more bacteria than toilet water. And on Friday, the New York Times reported on a new trend in China: buying and smuggling baby formula from overseas to avoid potentially tainted Chinese milk, pointing to a increasing distrust of domestic products.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Halliburton Will Earn What It Takes To Pay Off Gulf Oil Spill Fine In Just 23 Seconds

In little more than the time it takes to read this sentence, Halliburton Energy Services will have generated revenue equivalent to the fine it agreed to pay for destroying evidence related to one of the deadliest oil spills in U.S. history.

Canceling Sequestration Could Add Up To 1.6 Million Jobs

Fully canceling sequestration at the beginning of August would likely add 900,000 jobs to the economy but could add up to as many as 1.6 million, according to a new analysis from the Congressional Budget Office. It would also likely increase GDP growth by 0.7 percent but could boost that rate by as much as 1.2 percent.

Private Student Debt Lenders Pressed To Make Repayment Easier

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency asked private student lenders to lower payments for those who are unemployed or having a difficult time repaying their loans on Thursday. They also suggested other methods of reducing the pressure on students such as postponing payments or lowering interest rates.

Willie Louis, witness to Emmett Till lynching, dies in Illinois at 76

CHICAGO (AP) — Hearing the screams of 14-year-old lynching victim Emmett Till from inside a Mississippi barn left a teenage farm worker with an unbearable choice. He could tell a courtroom and risk paying for it with his life or keep quiet and let those screams eat away at his conscience.

How Chromecast Stacks Up Against Roku and Apple TV

Since its release on Wednesday, nearly everything written about Chromecast, Google's $35 stick that streams video and music to your TV, has mentioned Apple TV and Roku, popular set-top boxes that also play Internet content on your TV.

Obama Promises, Including Whistleblower Protections, Disappear From Website

Amid the Obama administration's crackdown against whistleblowers,, the 2008 website of the Obama transition team laying out the candidate's promises, has disappeared from the internet.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Now We Know What The B's In Front Of Those Numbers Mean: Juror B29′s revelations ‘devastating’

The mother of Trayvon Martin reacted Thursday to an interview a juror in the George Zimmerman trial gave to ABC News, in which she admitted that she ultimately, she didn’t hold out for a conviction.

Very Few Employers Have Actually Cut Workers’ Hours Because Of Obamacare

With implementation of the Affordable Care Act inching closer by the day, there’s been a slow but steady stream of employers claiming that the law is forcing them to cut back workers’ hours and rely more heavily on part-time employees. But for all the talk, very few companies have actually cut hours because of Obamacare, according to a new analysis by the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).

Moore’s Ford Bridge Took Place On This Day In 1946

The lynching of two married African-American couples, known in some circles as the “Lynching At Moore’s Ford Bridge,” took place in Northern Georgia on this day in 1946. An angry mob of White men attacked the couples, with one of the wives seven months pregnant and a man in the group an Army veteran of World War II.

Justice Department Will Ask Court To Reinstate Voting Rights Act In Texas

Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Thursday the first step the Justice Department will take to restore the voting rights gutted by a Supreme Court decision neutering a key prong of the Voting Rights Act. In remarks prepared for the National Urban League’s annual conference, Holder announced that the Justice Department “will ask a federal court in Texas to subject the State of Texas to a preclearance regime similar to the one required by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act” — effectively restoring the safeguards against voter suppression in Texas that were stripped by the five Republican justices’ decision in Shelby County v. Holder.

McDonalds CEO Claims Company Has ‘Always Been An Above-Minimum Wage Employer’

McDonalds’ CEO Don Thompson believes that his company has “always been an above-minimum wage employer,” he told Bloomberg TV on Wednesday, despite evidence to the contrary.

Five Real Issues Facing The People Of New York City That Don’t Involve Anthony Weiner’s Sex Life

Ever since reports emerged linking former Congressman and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (D) to another sex scandal, news media have opted to heavily recycle stories about Weiner’s sex life. One story printed in the Washington Post read, “The reporters — and most of New York, really — wanted to talk only about Anthony Weiner.”

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Of Chris Hayes's Best Re-butts Ever: Slams Bill O'Reilly For 'Super Racist Rant'

Chris Hayes tore into Bill O'Reilly on Tuesday, hitting the Fox News host over what he called a "super racist rant."

American Women Pay More To Give Birth Than Even British Royalty, But They Receive Worse Care

On Tuesday, Elizabeth Rosenthal of the New York Times tweeted out, “British royal born in fanciest ward :$15000. Average US birth: billed $30,000; paid $18,000. What’s wrong here?” Rosenthal has her numbers right — and to answer her question, what’s wrong is that the U.S. system of medical care charges patients on a fee-for-service basis without giving consumers transparent pricing information. Worse yet, Americans don’t even receive particularly high-quality maternal care in exchange for their outsized medical bills.

Cable News Ignores Virginia Governor’s Scandal To Cover Ex-Congressman’s Genitals

Tuesday, Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) apologized for bringing embarrassment to his state by accepting tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts and about $120,000 in loans from a controversial tobacco executive. But though his actions are the subject of a federal grand jury and a state investigation, cable news largely ignored this story — opting instead to focus on the sex life of former Congressman and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (D).

Bill O’Reilly Blames Civil Rights Leaders And ‘Black Culture’ For Crime

Since the George Zimmerman verdict sparked national protests and pushed President Obama to address the racial disparities prevent in American culture and justice system, conservatives have begun pointing to the high rates of crime within the African American community, suggesting that the law enforcement is justified in profiling black youth.

E.W. Jackson Jr.: African Americans Should Tone Down Sexuality To Prevent Attacks

Bishop E.W. Jackson Jr., the Republican nominee for Virginia Lt. Governor, suggested in a radio interview Tuesday that African Americans’ sexuality is to blame for urban violence.

Set In Stone: Federal Minimum Wage Goes 4 Years Without Budging

WASHINGTON -- Workers toiling in low-wage jobs marked a dispiriting anniversary on Wednesday: It's now been four years since the last time the federal minimum wage was raised.

Black Congressmen Discuss Their Daily Struggle With Discrimination In America

WASHINGTON -- Addressing the Trayvon Martin killing last week, President Barack Obama revealed a fact that apparently startled many Americans: Deep, pervasive and painful discrimination continues in this country. His own encounters stopped, he said, only when he became a senator.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Avelda King, who helped Glen Beck try to rewrite "The Dream" rejects photo of fallen civil rights leader in Hoodie

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece recently spoke out about the image of him wearing a hoodie, referencing Trayvon Martin, and according to an interview on the Andrea Tantaros Radio Show, she is not happy with the image.

National Review Tells Young Whites To Avoid Blacks, Again

A top conservative publication published a column on Wednesday advising young white children to stay away from black people, despite firing a columnist roughly a year ago for writing a very similar piece in a different publication.

West And Smiley Have Both Become Non Issues Today

Give Professor Cornel West this much: in the pantheon of presidential insults, “global George Zimmerman” really is quite a gem.

Zimmerman Drones

Before "Georgie" gets his show offer for his new gig on "Fixed New" or before he gets his award for pulling people from a burning car (Thought his lawyers said he did not have the strength to get a 17 year ole boy off of him?). He tries his hand at Infomercials.

Latino Homebuyers Face Hostility, Higher Fees, And Fewer Options

Though formal “redlining” based on race was banned decades ago, a new report finds that Latinos still face rampant discrimination in the housing market. The report, released Monday from the National Council de la Raza (NCLR), found that Latinos looking to buy or rent homes were more often met with hostility, quoted higher fees, and offered fewer options than white prospective buyers.

The Rich Feel Poor If They Have Less Than $5 Million

Rich investors say that it takes at least $5 million to feel wealthy, according to a new investor sentiment report from UBS. Meanwhile, two-thirds of millionaires don’t consider themselves to be wealthy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Miss Bumbum Excluded Black Women From The Competition This Year, Seriously Have You Seen What Thick Butt Black Brazilians look like!

Well, this certainly isn’t a surprise, but then, maybe it is. If you’ve followed any of the posts on BW of Brazil, you know that the exclusion of Afro-Brazilians is nothing new; in reality, in Brazil, it’s the standard! But this annual contest to find the woman with the best butt in Brazil has to take the cake. It’s one thing that Brazil’s women’s magazinestelevision programsbeauty contestsmodeling runways and even men’s adult magazines are dominated by people who look as if they came straight from Europe, but how is it that a contest that awards the woman with the best “asset”, an “asset” that women of African descent have always been made the subject of disgust, objectification, eroticism and exoticism, excludes any women of visible African ancestry?!?** Not even a light-skinned “mulata“?

John Lewis Releases Graphic Novel Called, "March" At Comic Con

Democratic Rep. John Lewis drew a large crowd in one of his more unusual appearances.

The congressman — who, according to his site, is often called “one of the most courageous persons the Civil Rights Movement ever produced” — attended this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego as many awaited the arrival of the real-life hero.

DeAndre Martin Alleges Racist Harassment At Convergys, Shares Photos

A Missouri man is leveling allegations against an Ohio-based customer service company, claiming he's dealing with persistent and explicit acts of racism in the workplace. And now, he's coming forward with the photos to help his case.

Female genital mutilation in Africa declining In regions

A comprehensive new assessment of the ancient practice of female genital cutting by the United Nations Children’s Fund has found that it is gradually declining in many countries, even some where it remains deeply entrenched.

Cornel West Calls the President a ‘global George Zimmerman’

Dr. Cornel West, author, activist and Professor at Union Theological Seminary, is not shy about expressing his disapproval of President Barack Obama.

It’s Not Just The Royals: In The US, Your Parents’ Wealth Determines Your Own

Americans may be mocking the royal baby fever gripping the United Kingdom after Kate Middleton gave birth to a son on Monday, but our social structures may be just as fossilized as in the monarchy. American children have very little chance of climbing out of the social class they’re born into, a new study described in the New York Times suggests.

Conservative Paper Invokes Lynching In Anti-Sharpton Editorial Cartoon

Investors’ Business Daily, a business newspaper widely viewed as having a conservative editorial page, decided to dip its toes into racial politics over the weekend with a political cartoon about the case of Trayvon Martin. But instead of presenting a valid criticism of the negative reactions to George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, the publication invoked lynchings — one of the great tragedies committed against Black Americans — to try to make its point.

D.C. Sets Record With 138 Hours Above 80°F During Brutal Nationwide Heat Wave

The heat dome that enveloped Washington, D.C. for much of the last week, so miserable it even prompted Metro to temporarily lift its ban on passengers drinking water aboard its trains, also broke a long-standing heat record.

Tampa Passes New Law To Toss Homeless People In Jail For Sleeping In Public

If homeless people in Tampa want to avoid jail, they’d better find a place to store their things and a bed to sleep in.

By His Own Measure, John Boehner’s Congress Is Still The Most Counterproductive In History

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) raised eyebrows on Sunday when he responded to criticism that he is running the least productive Congress in history by suggesting that House Republicans should be “judged on how many laws we repeal,” rather than pass.

Rush Limbaugh: White People Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Slavery

If there’s any race that shouldn’t feel guilty about slavery, it’s Caucasians, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said on Monday, responding to the growing outrage over the George Zimmerman verdict. On Saturday, 100 cities held rallies organized by the National Action Network for Trayvon Martin, where large crowds demanded a federal civil rights investigation into the fatal shooting of the unarmed teen. The protests came just one day after President Obama directly addressed why the verdict has opened up such deep wounds in the African American community.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

‘Letter to Zimmerman’ goes viral

A Facebook post directed at George Zimmerman, and pointing to some of the ironies of his current situation, has gone viral, with some, including the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, calling it one of the most powerful commentaries on the trial thus far.

100 Cities Rally For Trayvon Martin

On Saturday, 100 cities held rallies organized by the National Action Network for Trayvon Martin, where large crowds demanded a federal civil rights investigation into the fatal shooting of the unarmed teen. “Trayvon could have been anyone’s child,” Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin, said at a rally in Miami. “That’s the message that’s being sent to the world.” Celebrities, lawmakers, and religious leaders also joined the rallies on Saturday, which follow a series of largely peaceful protests since George Zimmerman’s verdict.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Top 12 Conservative Freakouts After Obama’s Race Speech

Conservatives didn’t even wait for President Obama to finish his deeply personal remarks on Trayvon Martin’s killing and the role of race in America to go ballistic, accusing the president of being a “Racist in Chief” who is “trying to tear our country apart.”

Judge Rules Detroit’s Bankruptcy Illegal, Leaving Process In Limbo

Detroit’s bankruptcy filing is unconstitutional and must be rescinded, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina ruled on Friday. Thursday’s filing was supposed to set into motion proceedings that would allow the city’s unelected emergency manager Kevyn Orr to break pension contracts with 30,000 city workers and retirees, but Aquilina ruled Friday afternoon it violates the Michigan Constitution.

4 Charts That Prove Obama’s Right About Being Black In America

On Friday, President Obama gave a personal, emotional speech about the killing on Trayvon Martin, in which he spoke extensively on the broader issue of race in the United States.

Two (IN PLAIN SIGHT RACIST) Show Up To Trayvon Rally Wearing ‘N-Word’ T-Shirts, Clearly In An Attempt To Insight Violence

You can always count on someone to be a complete ass when a tense racial situation arises. Since the verdict came down in the murder trial of George Zimmerman, there have been a several sad examples of this phenomenon. Today’s comes from a rally for Trayvon Martin in Wichita, Kansas, where two gigantic assholes thought it would be funny to show up wearing shirts featuring racist epithets.

Where the pallbearers are black (The Grio)

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Elegant in tuxedos and white gloves, the six black pallbearers silently and gracefully remove the mahogany coffin bearing a Lima tire magnate from his mansion. They slide it into the Cadillac hearse that will parade Jorge Reyna’s body through the Chorrillos district where he was once mayor.

Fortress White America

Republicans long ago embraced a whites-only political strategy—and continue to reap their rewards in Southern states.

This 1 Chart Reveals The True Economic Power Of The U.S. Slave System

americas slave worth

Two Weeks After Slashing Taxes For The Rich, Ohio Governor Wants More

Gov. John Kasich (R) wants to get the top income tax rate in Ohio down below 5 percent, reported Thursday. The speech came 18 days after Kasich signed a budget that gives top earners in the Buckeye State a $6,000 per-person tax cut while raising the burden faced by the poorest 20 percent of the state.

Ohio Prisons Shut Off Electricity In Exchange For Payments

Prisons in Ohio are restricting electricity use this week as temperatures skyrocket, due to a monetary agreement between the state and a top power company.

Employing Better Sex Ed, California’s Teen Birth Rate Has Plummeted By 60 Percent

California’s teen birth rate has plummeted to the lowest level that it’s been in the past 20 years, according to new data from the state’s health department. The state’s rate now stands at 28 births for every 1,000 teenage girls — a 60 percent drop since 1991, when the rate peaked at 70.9 births for every 1,000 girls.

2 Ways North Carolina Republicans Plan To Keep College Students From Voting

Two months after the Republican-led North Carolina House approved a voter ID bill, a common tactic used to reduce turnout among low-income, student and minority voters, Republicans in the state senate, however, apparently believe this bill does not go far enough in making it difficult for college students, who tend to vote for Democrats, to cast a ballot. According to the Charlotte Observer, senate Republicans plan to eliminate half of the forms of ID a person can show in order to cast a ballot under the house bill — including “cards from UNC system colleges [and] state community colleges.”

Barrack Obama Says: ‘Trayvon Could Have Been Me 35 Years Ago’

President Obama just completed an unannounced appearance during the White House’s daily press briefing, where he spoke at length about Trayvon Martin and lessons to be garnered from this tragic shooting. In a direct reference to his own race, the president said that “Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,” before launching into an explanation of the wounds this incident has opened in the African American community. “There are very few African American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when shopping in a store — and that includes me.”

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moto X, New Smartphone From Google's Motorola, May Be Unveiled 'In The Coming Weeks'

The wait for the Moto X may soon be over.

In an earnings call on Thursday, Patrick Pichette, Google's senior vice president and chief financial officer, dropped a hint that the highly anticipated smartphone from Google-owned Motorola is weeks away.

Live In The South? Your Life Expectancy Is Shorter, Sicker Than The Rest Of The U.S.

ATLANTA -- If you're 65 and living in Hawaii, here's some good news: Odds are you'll live another 21 years. And for all but five of those years, you'll likely be in pretty good health.

Confederate Flag-Loving Black Man Takes Racist Patriotism To Capital Hill

A Capitol Hill staffer forwards this intern's widely circulated email to HuffPost Hill, noting that she feels "morally obligated to share." Thank you.

Obama Administration: Premiums Under Obamacare Will Be Even Lower Than Originally Predicted

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is set to release a report on Thursday morning that analyzes the 2014 premiums in the Obamacare insurance marketplaces in 11 different states, including Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, and Oregon. Officials said that the data will show that the weighted average of the least expensive mid-level health plans in those states’ marketplaces are 18 percent lower than what the CBO thought they would be when the law first passed.

Low-Wage Government Contractors Hold Third Strike To Demand Living Wage

Service workers at Washington D.C.’s Union Station are walking off the job Thursday morning to protest the federal government’s failure to ensure the companies it contracts with pay a livable wage. The strike is the third in eight weeks for low-wage federally-contracted workers in the nation’s capital, as part of a campaign called Good Jobs Nation that is pressuring the government to stop paying poverty wages through its private-sector partners. Previous strikes at other government buildings have sparked investigations into wage theft and other abuses.

Most Media Coverage Ignores Premium Drop, Focuses On GOP Effort To Undermine Obamacare

Early on Wednesday, as House Republicans prepared to vote for a delay of the Affordable Care Act’s employer and individual mandates, New York state officials announced that health care premiums in the new exchange will plummet by at least 50 percent as a result of the law.

One In Four Young Black Men Recall Recent Unfair Police Treatment, Gallup Finds

Almost one in four young black males have experienced recent unfair treatment by the police, according to a newly released Gallup Survey. Among black males between ages 18 and 35, 24 percent said they recalled an instance within the last 30 days in which they were treated unfairly during dealings with the police. For all African Americans, that number was 17 percent. Here’s Gallup’s breakdown by category:

Detroit Becomes Largest City To Declare Bankruptcy

On Thursday afternoon, Detroit filed for bankruptcy protections that will make it easier for the Michigan city to walk away from over $18 billion in unpayable debts. The long-awaited move is the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, trumping filings from Stockton, CA, and Jefferson County, AL, in recent years.

Larry Elder Deflects and Distorts Just To berate Rachel Jeantel for having a speech impediment (It's something to hear another 'Black Man' talk like this)

Conservative radio host Larry Elder lashed out at Rachel Jeantel Wednesday night on CNN because she suffers from a speech impediment.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Schools Across The Country Are Considering Education Bills Crafted By Corporate Frontgroup

School privatization laws crafted by corporate interests have been introduced in nearly every state in the first half of 2013, according to the Center for Media and Democracy. 43 states and the District of Columbia are considering school legislation developed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the umbrella organization that pushes state laws catered to business interests on a myriad of topics.

Student Loan Profits 'Morally Wrong' : Elizabeth Warren

The Obama administration and Congress are not helping students, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) charged Wednesday, reaping record profits off the federal student loan program that a regulator said has finally surpassed $1 trillion in overall debt.

House Votes To Delay "Obama Care's" Individual Mandate

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans pressed ahead Wednesday on delaying key components of President Barack Obama's signature health care law, emboldened by the administration's concession that requiring companies to provide coverage for their workers next year may be too complicated.

Summer Temperatures Surge In Much Of U.S.

NEW YORK -- From Minnesota to Massachusetts temperatures surged to potentially dangerous levels Wednesday as the largest heat wave of the summer stretched out and stagnated, with relief in many parts of the country still days away.

With Gun Violence On The Rise, Hospitals Train Their Staff On How To Survive Shootings

Over the past several years, mass shootings have intensified instead of abating. Mass shootings are typically defined as random gun-related incidents that take place in a public place. But there’s another space that’s emerging as a battleground for these types of tragedies: hospitals.

Thanks To "Obama Care's", New Yorkers’ Health Insurance Premiums Will Plunge 50 Percent

Health care premiums on the individual market will tumble by at least 50 percent as a result of the Affordable Care Act, the New York Times reported on Wednesday. The state joins Oregon, Montana, California, and Louisiana in reporting lower than expected rates in the law’s new health care marketplaces.

Rush Limbaugh: 'I Can Now' Say 'Nigga' Audio

Rush Limbaugh crowed on Tuesday that, after hearing an interview with Trayvon Martin's friend Rachel Jeantel, he was now allowed to use the word "n---a." He then used the word.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Twitter User Who Helped Stop Juror B37 From Profiting From A Book Deal Speaks Out (Newsone)

The woman behind the Twitter and campaigns that put Juror B37‘s book deal to a screeching halt is New York-bred Genie Lauren.

Even Stevie Wonder Can See That Stand Your Ground Has Problems With It!

At a concert in Quebec on Sunday, following the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, musician Stevie Wonder made a pledge to his audience: that he won’t perform in states or countries that have Stand Your Ground laws or their equivalents on the books.

Miami Considers Jailing Homeless People For Eating, Sleeping In Public

Being poor could soon be a crime in the city of Miami.

As though life weren’t already difficult enough for people who can’t afford regular housing, they could soon find themselves thrown in jail and their possessions confiscated if they’re caught engaging in certain everyday activities in public.

North Carolina Lawmakers Ram Through Plan That Would Increase Taxes On Poor People

North Carolina lawmakers rammed through massive tax reforms on Tuesday that would disproportionately benefit higher-income earners, bringing the measure to a vote in the House after approximately 25 minutes of debate. The legislative compromise, which was formally unveiled on Monday, represents some of the biggest most regressive changes to North Carolina’s tax code in eight decades. The Senate will take up the measure on Tuesday afternoon, both chambers will hold final votes Wednesday, and Gov. Pat McCrory (R) is expected to sign it by the end of the week.

7 Mind Blowing Moments From Zimmerman Juror B37′s First Interview

On Monday night, one of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial offered shocking insight into how the group of six women reached its decision to acquit the defendant of all charges in the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Monday, July 15, 2013

25 Years After Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Company Still Hasn’t Paid For Long-Term Environmental Damages

The long-term plan for rehabilitating damaged resources has yet to be implemented a full quarter century after the Exxon Valdez oil tanker ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spewing more than 11 million gallons of crude oil into the surrounding ecosystem.

The 6 Decisions That Could Have Saved Trayvon Martin's Life (Rather What Zimmerman Should Have Done As An Adult!)

It's impossible to know whether it was Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman who threw the first punch in the confrontation that ended Martin’s life. The jury apparently relied on that ambiguity to acquit Zimmerman of murdering Martin, because he said he killed the 17-year-old in self defense. But despite the confusion, there are plenty of facts that both sides can agree on. While Zimmerman may have been found not guilty, that doesn't mean he wasn't responsible. Trayvon Martin would be alive today, but for at least six decisions made or not made by Zimmerman and the state of Florida.

16 Moving Images From Trayvon Martin Rallies Across The Country

Thousands of Americans across the country protested the George Zimmerman verdict on Sunday, “chanting, praying and even fighting tears” after the jury acquitted the neighborhood watchman of all criminal charges for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Three Self-Defense Cases That Went The Other Way

George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin over the weekend, successfully using a claim of self-defense to convince six jurors that he was right to shoot and kill the 17-year-old Martin. The case centered around the question of whether Martin was physically aggressive toward Zimmerman in any way — the defense claimed that the teenager bashed Zimmerman’s head into the concrete — or if Martin was simply a victim. Ultimately, the jury decided, the prosecutors could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Martin didn’t engage Zimmerman in a fight, prompting him to use deadly force in self-defense.

Hostess Twinkies Return To Shelves While Unionized Jobs Disappear

Twinkies, one of the best known snacks made by Hostess Brands, are back on shelves on Monday after the company filed for bankruptcy late last year. Yet jobs at the company aren’t coming back with the dessert. While 18,500 people worked for the company before it filed, only about 20 to 25 percent of those jobs will return when all of the brands are brought back, according to an industry analyst.

What Athletes’ Response To The Zimmerman Verdict Says About Race And Class In America

Athletes were quick to react when a jury acquitted George Zimmerman on all charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin Saturday night, with many questioning both the ruling and the American justice system.

University Of Michigan May Soon Offer In-State Tuition To Undocumented Students

A day after the Detroit Free Press highlighted undocumented Michigan students’ struggles with tuition costs, the University of Michigan proposed “significant revisions” Monday to allow undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition.

McDonalds Tells Workers To Budget By Getting A Second Job And Turning Off Their Heat

McDonalds has partnered with Visa to launch a website to help its low-wage workers making an average $8.25 an hour to budget. But while the site is clearly meant to illustrate that McDonalds workers should be able to live on their meager wages, it actually underscores exactly how hard it is for a low-paid fast food worker to get by.

Why Stand Your Ground Is Central To George Zimmerman’s Case After All

The Stand Your Ground law that gained notoriety in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s shooting became central to the case again last week, when written instructions advised the jury that found shooter George Zimmerman not guilty to take the law’s central provision into account.

Bangladesh Government Allows Workers To Form Unions

Bangladesh’s government approved a labor law on Monday that would make it easier for workers to form unions. The legislation also included provisions that create a fund to improve workers’ living standards and require companies to deposit 5 percent of profits into employee welfare funds.

Six Million Trayvons: How The George Zimmerman Mindset Has Rigged The Justice System Against Young Black Men

George Zimmerman killed one boy, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Although a Florida jury found Zimmerman not guilty, his attitude — that a young black male is an object suspicion and contempt — not only cost Martin his life but has infected the entire United States criminal justice system.

Appropriations committee responds to Jay-Z, Beyonce Cuba trip

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee are looking to limit Jay-Z and Beyonce’s travel options.

What Happens When You Say The N- Word And Mean N***Ger! (Lights OUT!)

An unidentified White man was rushed to the hospital Friday with a massive head injury after allegedly calling a Black man a racial slur at a Manhattan restaurant, the New York Daily News reports.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Robert Zimmerman Jr's Tasteless Interview After Verdict (Trayvon looking for firearms?)

As the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial settles into the American consciousness, Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of George Zimmerman, sat with Piers Morgan immediately following the verdict to discuss the trial and what he thinks is next for his brother.

White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman(If you are white, hold your ground. If you are black, hold your tongue)

 By: Aura Bogado The Nation

A jury has found George Zimmerman not guilty of all charges in connection to death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. But while the verdict came as a surprise to some people, it makes perfect sense to others. This verdict is a crystal-clear illustration of the way white supremacy operates in America.

First Graders To Take NRA-Sponsored Gun Class, New Missouri Law

First-graders may soon be able to enroll in a NRA sponsored gun class as a result of a public safety bill signed into law by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) on Friday.

Channa Lloyd The Black Intern on Zimmerman's Defense Team Wanted To Know Was George Racist? (Blinders On Here)

CNN interviews Channa Lloyd, the mysterious African-American intern who's been assisting George Zimmerman's attorneys throughout the trial. Her very presence at the defense table has raised questions in the racially charged case and set Twitter abuzz.

Melissa Harris-Perry: ‘I Live In A Country That Makes Me Wish My Sons Away…Because It’s Not Safe’

On Sunday, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry became emotional while discussing how race may have impacted the George Zimmerman verdict and the difficulty black men face in the United States.

Congressman Blames Obama For Zimmerman Having To Stand Trial For Killing Trayvon Martin

Congressman Steve King (R-IA) suggested Sunday that George Zimmerman should never have even had to stand trial for killing Trayvon Martin, blaming President Obama and his Department of Justice for the case.

Civil Rights Leader Turns Attention To Group That Wrote ‘Stand Your Ground’ In Aftermath Of Zimmerman Verdict

When the story of Trayvon Martin’s killing first made national news, attention quickly turned to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) — a conservative group with corporate backing that crafts model legislation and recruits members of local governments to propose and pass it. ALEC is the group that crafted Stand Your Ground, the law that allowed Zimmerman to walk free on the night that he shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old Martin, but which he did not ultimately use in his defense. Since the trial started, though, discussion of ALEC has faded from the national conversation. On Sunday, in the wake of the jury finding George Zimmerman not guilty, President of the National Urban League Marc Morial tried to refocus people’s attention back on ALEC, calling for concerned activists to demand that ALEC’s corporate partners denounce the group.

The Joe Horn Case of Deadly Force Of Pasadena Texas 2007 (Put them down just like stand your Ground)

The Joe Horn shooting controversy refers to the events of November 14, 2007, in Pasadena, Texas, United States, when local resident Joe Horn shot and killed two men burglarizing his neighbor's home. Publicized recordings of Horn's exchange with emergency dispatch indicate that he was asked repeatedly not to interfere with the burglary because the police would soon be on hand. The shootings have resulted in debate regarding self-defense, Castle Doctrine laws, and Texas laws relating to use of deadly force to prevent or stop property crimes. The illegal alien status of the burglars has been highlighted because of the U.S. border controversy. On June 30, 2008, Joe Horn was cleared by a grand jury in the Pasadena shootings.

Zimmerman Will Get His Murder Weapon Back!

George Zimmerman is a free man after a jury found him not guilty on all charges. He's also free to get back the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin.

Double Standards 'Stand Your Ground' Law: Marissa Alexander Gets 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot

TAMPA, Fla. -- Marissa Alexander had never been arrested before she fired a bullet at a wall one day in 2010 to scare off her husband when she felt he was threatening her. Nobody got hurt, but this month a northeast Florida judge was bound by state law to sentence her to 20 years in prison.

Protests against George Zimmerman trial verdict spring up nationwide

In cities across the country, protests have taken shape in reaction to George Zimmerman’s acquittal of all murder charges in his second degree murder trial for the death of Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman found not guilty in death of Trayvon Martin

After deliberating for more than 16 hours, a jury of six women on Saturday evening found George Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old in Sanford, Fla.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sequestration Slashes Programs That Help The Unemployed Find Jobs

Even with unemployment remaining stubbornly high, programs that help workers gain the support and skills they need to get new jobs are bracing for severe cuts thanks to sequestration. A report released on Tuesday from the National Skills Coalition (NSC) found that workforce training and support programs, which have already dealt with drastic cuts to funding over the past decade, are facing very difficult decisions as sequestration begins to hit their budgets.

Unemployment Rate For Black Women Higher Now Than Four Years Ago

The economic recovery from the Great Recession officially began four years ago last month, and while the unemployment picture has improved for most groups, it is still higher for adult African-American women now than it was then, according to a new report from the National Women’s Law Center. Their unemployment rate currently stands at 12 percent, compared to 11.8 percent in June 2009. It is also nearly 1.7 times higher than their rate before the crash, which stood at 7.1 percent in December 2007.

College A Risky Investment In United States?

“Inefficient,” “decentralized,” and “risky investment” are all terms used to describe the state of U.S. higher education by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in a newly released report.

Just How Much Sequestration Is Hurting Communities Across The Country

The latest victims of sequestration, the automatic, across-the-board budget cuts that went into effect in March, were 650,000 civilian workers at the Department of Defense, who began experiencing furloughs on Monday. But already children have been kicked out of Head Start, the elderly are receiving fewer meals from Meals on Wheels, low-income families are losing access to public housing, and some public schools have been devastated by the cuts.

You’re Allowed To Carry A Gun Into The Texas Senate Gallery, But Not A Tampon

On Friday afternoon, the Texas Senate will vote on a package of abortion restrictions that Republican lawmakers have been attempting to push through a special session. After State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-TX) successfully blocked a vote on the legislation last month with a 13-hour filibuster that was aided by disruptions from hundreds of protesters in the gallery, Senate Republicans aren’t taking any chances this time.

Worldwide Air Pollution Deaths Per Year Number Over 2 Million, New Study Claims

Air pollution may be responsible for more than 2 million deaths around the world each year, according to a new study.

Inside The Massive Global Black Market For Smartphones

Before a federal SWAT team descended last summer, one storefront in a Detroit suburb attracted so many people bearing shopping bags stuffed with iPhones and iPads that managers installed a port-a-potty on the sidewalk.

‘Fruitvale Station’ Director Ryan Coogler On Filming Police Brutality, The Bay Area, And Trayvon Martin

When Fruitvale Station, the story of the last day of Oscar Grant’s life before he was shot on New Year’s Eve by transit police on a BART platform in the San Francisco bay area, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January I was struck by Michael B. Jordan’s remarkable performance in the lead role, the movie’s deft, warm, funny conversations, and the bond director Ryan Coogler built between Oscar and Katie (Ahna O’Reilly), a young woman Oscar meets in the morning and ends the day filming his death as an act of witness. I caught up with Coogler in June to talk about Katie and Oscar’s relationship, why he made the movie as a love letter to the Bay Area, and how he hopes Fruitvale Station can challenge audiences’ perceptions of young black men–and what kind of justice they deserve. This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

40 Years After Roe, Doctors Warn That Reproductive Rights Are In Grave Danger

Dr. John J. Sciarra remembers his time as a young doctor in New York City nearly half a century ago. He remembers watching young women die from botched, illegal abortions because they had no safe options. At the time, he felt powerless to help them, and that fact haunted him.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Old White Dude Lays Down The Facts About The Zimmerman Case!

Truth is truth and this guy has to speak on a lot of it. Remember, it's not how you give a message, it's how you make people understand it. This guy uses yelling to get his point across and they are point that make sense.

Elizabeth Warren Vows To Break Up Big Banks With Major New Legislative Push

A bipartisan group of Senators are proposing the “21st Century Glass-Steagall Act” in an effort to curb the power of big banks by reinstating a Depression-era rule that separated commercial and investment banking. Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), John McCain (R-AZ), Maria Cantwell (D-WA), and Angus King (I-ME) proposed the bill on Thursday.

Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Nuclear Option’ And Harry Reid’s Plan To Fix The Senate

On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took the first step to invoking the so-called “nuclear option,” a Senate procedure that will allow a majority of the Senate to effectively change its rules to limit widespread obstructionism by the minority. As the trigger for this reform involves seven executive branch nominees being held up by Senate Republican filibusters, the likely consequence of this round of rules reform will be to eliminate the minority’s ability to filibuster nominees to non-judicial jobs. Here’s what you need to know about the showdown in the Senate that will occur next week:

Bluegrass Boondoggle: Kentucky Uses Money Meant To Redevelop Coal Country To Fund Arena Renovation

“Coal keeps the lights on,” people in my home state, particularly those who traipse around town with their Friends of Coal bumper stickers plastered to the backs of their cars, are fond of saying. And for most of the last century, there’s been no bigger reason to make sure the lights can stay on than the chance to watch University of Kentucky basketball.

Meet The People Who Lost Their Housing Thanks To Budget Cuts

Ismael Brazza was one of the lucky few to move to the top of the waiting list for Section 8 housing vouchers in Washington State. After applying more than a year ago, he was told he would finally get the subsidy to help pay for rent and had two months to find an apartment. But after just a week of searching he found out that his voucher was being rescinded thanks to sequestration. Now he’s back to staying with different relatives.

Black spending power projected to reach $1.1 trillion (The Grio)

Black consumers are wielding power and influence in the marketplace like never before. All while spending their way to a major milestone.

Black inventor, Julian Sharpe, who invented tsunami survival capsule targeted by Racist Websites (The Grio)

(KING) – A local engineer and inventor recently learned he’d been targeted by a racist website, and he’s not alone. The site’s also taken aim at Oprah, President Obama, and Trayvon Martin.

Congressman May File Criminal Charges Against Obama For Delaying Health Law

A Republican Congressman said he is looking for a way to file criminal charges against President Obama for delaying a portion of the Affordable Care Act, suggesting that the administration is “beyond” incompetent and may have engaged in Watergate-level transgressions.

Will Walmart Create Any Extra Jobs If It Opens In DC?

The DC City Council passed a living wage bill on Wednesday over the strong objections of Walmart. The company threatened to walk away from opening stores in three planned sites within the city if the bill becomes law. Now the bill heads to Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D)’s desk, where its future is uncertain.

Iowa Supreme Court: It’s OK To Fire A Woman For Being Too Attractive

Standing by a December decision, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday that a male dentist who fired a female assistant because she was too attractive and threatened his marriage did not commit sex discrimination.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

GOP Rams Farm Bill Without Food Stamps Through The House

With Thursday’s vote to sever food stamps funding from the federal spending that guarantees the agricultural industry a baseline income, conservatives in the U.S. House achieved a longstanding goal. The GOP has pressed to undermine or outright end food stamps (formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) for years, as the ThinkProgress timeline below shows.

Colorado Counties Want To Form 51st State To Avoid Environmental Protections

At least ten rural Colorado counties are taking aggressive steps to form a 51st state, saying their interests are not being met by moves to regulate the oil and gas industry, increase renewable energy, and better regulate guns. Organizers in Kansas and Nebraska are also interested in joining the state they call “North Colorado.”

Brazilian Attorney General Challenges Constitutionality Of World Cup Tax Exemption

Roberto Gurgel, Brazil’s Attorney General of the Republic, has filed a lawsuit asking the country’s Supreme Court to decide the constitutionality of a special World Cup law its Congress passed at the request of FIFA, international soccer’s governing body, according to a report from Bloomberg. The law governs trademark and advertising rights, alcohol sales, ticket prices, and a host of other issues related to the World Cup, which Brazil will host in the summer of 2014.

‘I don’t bite’ sign provokes soul-searching about racism in UK

NBC News - LONDON — A diner owner has triggered soul-searching about racism in Britain after putting up a sign informing customers she is black and doesn’t “bite.”

Student Loan Deal Reached In Senate Threatens To Raise Future Costs

WASHINGTON -- A bipartisan group of senators struck a deal late Wednesday to overhaul the federal student loan program, tying interest rates on new loans to the U.S. government’s cost to borrow in a move that immediately reduces the cost to finance higher education, but is forecast to raise borrowing costs for millions of graduate students and parents in about three years.

Virginia Republican Who Accepted Thousands In Gifts Suddenly Endorses Limits

As controversy continues to swell around Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R) over their questionable relationships with a wealthy supporter, Cuccinelli is trying to distance himself from McDonnell. But while he called Wednesday for new restrictions on the gifts Virginia politicians can accept, Cuccinelli personally has accepted more than $69,000 in gifts during his political career.

Women’s Health Experts Virtually Absent From Cable News Coverage Of Texas Abortion Bill

Cable news has been covering the ongoing pro-choice protests in Texas for about two weeks by now — but not everybody has been invited to participate in that conversation. A new analysis from Media Matters finds that women’s health experts are “noticeably absent” from segments discussing the implications of Texas’ proposed abortion restrictions. Instead, cable news shows have opted to feature political pundits who aren’t actually physicians or reproductive health experts:

As Alabama Cuts Benefits, Desperate Man ‘Robs’ Bank To Get Food, Shelter In Jail

So desperate for food and shelter, an Alabama man did the unthinkable this week: robbing a bank so he could turn himself in and get sent to jail.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Billionaire Koch Brother Says Eliminating The Minimum Wage Will Help The Poor (?)

A conservative mogul worth $43 billion says he knows the secret to helping poor people. According to Charles Koch, the U.S. needs to get rid of the minimum wage, which he counts as a major obstacle to economic growth.

GOP Push To Split Farm Bill Leaves Food Stamps Vulnerable To Severe Cuts

A House Republican scheme to strip food stamp funding out of the farm bill would lead to the program being weakened or even outright dismantled, according to poverty experts. Reports indicate that GOP leaders are having trouble finding the votes to support a split farm bill so far, but the tens of millions of Americans who rely on food stamps would be at risk should the political winds shift.

Walmart Threatens To Shut Down Stores If DC Passes Living Wage Bill

Walmart fought hard to persuade DC residents to let it open stores in the district. But now the retail giant is threatening to walk away from three planned sites if the DC City Council passes a “living wage” bill that would require all major employers to pay workers a minimum of $12.50 an hour.

Cleveland man, Raymand Clements, gets 23 years for a shooting dog

CLEVELAND — A judge in Ohio has handed down a nearly 23-year prison term to a career criminal convicted of weapons charges after he allegedly shot a dog tied to a tree.

Five Statements That Show Why Elisabeth Hasselbeck Will Fit Right In On Fox And Friends

Fox and Friends will have a new co-host come September to replace Gretchen Carlson: Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Rumors suggested for months that Hasselbeck would leave The View, where she represented the conservative position and often clashed with other co-hosts. In a statement, ABC said of Hasselbeck leaving that, “She stood behind her political views even if they were not the most popular opinions at the table never shying away from voicing a difficult question.”

Remember Nikola Tesla's Birthday By Remembering All Of His Awesome Inventions

Wednesday is inventor Nikola Tesla's 157th birthday.

U.S. Government Pays Hundreds Of Dollars To AT&T And Verizon For Every Wiretap

WASHINGTON (AP) — How much are your private conversations worth to the U.S. government? Turns out, it can be a lot, depending on the technology.

Texans Call Out Rick Perry: If You Want To Reduce Abortions, Then Back Sex Ed

Thousands of Texans are asking their governor to focus on implementing comprehensive sex education resources as an effective method of reducing the number of abortions in the state. Over 5,000 people have signed onto a petition from the Texas Freedom Network urging Gov. Rick Perry (R) to add sex ed to the issues currently being considered in a special legislative session.

New York City Rent Now Averages Over $3,000 A Month

New data confirms what everybody already knows about living in New York City: The rent is too damn high.

Protests Ensue Over Discarded Black History Materials In Michigan's Highland Park School District

Weeks after local residents found dumpsters full of discarded black history materials from a Detroit-area school district, community members gathered in protest Monday.

How the Pentagon's payroll quagmire traps America's soldiers

(Reuters) - As Christmas 2011 approached, U.S. Army medic Shawn Aiken was once again locked in desperate battle with a formidable foe. Not insurgents in Iraq, or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan - enemies he had already encountered with distinguished bravery.

Chris Hayes: Rand Paul Has 3 Racist Strikes Now

Chris Hayes is done with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky).

Though Paul has drawn favor from liberals for his defense of civil liberties and opposition to America's wars, the MSNBC host argued on Tuesday night's installment of "All In With Chris Hayes" that it's impossible to take him seriously after the revelation that one of his aides used to be a neo-Confederate activist.

Commerce Dept. Wasted $2.7 Million In 'Misunderstanding' Over Hacker Threat, Inspector General Finds

The U.S. Commerce Department destroyed more than $170,000 worth of desktops, printers, TVs, cameras and computer mice to remove from its network an infection that had been vastly overstated, according to a newly released audit.

Undocumented Immigrants Would Pay Billions More In Taxes If Allowed To Work Legally: Study

Allowing undocumented immigrants to work legally in the U.S. would boost their state and local tax contributions by an estimated $2 billion annually, a new study finds.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Target Gives Managers ‘Multi-Cultural Tips’: Not All Hispanics Eat Tacos Or Wear Sombreros

Three Target employees are suing the retail company over an offensive guide for warehouse managers on how to deal with Hispanic workers. According to the lawsuit filed in Yolo County, California, Target’s “multi-cultural tips” teach predominantly Caucasian managers that not all Hispanic employees are cultural stereotypes who eat tacos and like salsa music. The document also claims that Cubans are more educated and more likely to be legal immigrants than Mexican employees:

Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Release Thank You Video: ‘Through Hell And Back With My Head Held High’

The three women recently freed from captivity in a home in Cleveland released a YouTube video on Tuesday morning, thanking their supporters and affirming the renewal of their normal lives.