Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Michelle Obama Not a Basketball Wife, Mob Wife or Bad Girl (For those fools who compare her to Condi Rice....Just nuts!)

By:  PhoenixStaff

As a mother and a black woman I like most parents worry about celebrities that my child may choose to look up to. Therefore, I have told my child not to aspire to be a rapper or an athlete. Set goals on being their lawyer or agent. I have told him that there is more to life than the bling bling that he sees adorned by those he sees on the television screen.

His dad and I at work at instilling him to look at others as an example of what he should aim at being when he grows up. How about a teacher, an engineer or simply a hard working man and responsible adult like his dad, granddad and many other men that he knows.

This week I am sure that many of us had the pleasure of watching and listening to our First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention. Mrs. Obama radiated elegance, class and intelligence. She has proven through her speech and from the beginning of her husband’s presidency that she can hold her own.

Today many of our daughters, nieces, baby sisters, cousins and all of the young ladies we may know are constantly bombarded with images of women that are not so flattering. They are surrounded by clips of singers doing more sashaying across the stage than actually singing. Some aspire to become video dancers and others aim at being the next Housewife or Basketball Wife.

So after seeing Michelle Obama speak I swelled up with sista pride. I said to myself if I had a daughter I would have made sure that she watched Michelle speak on that night. I would have explained to her that if she aspires to be like any woman besides me that she should look at Mrs. Obama.

No she is not a rapper, a singer nor is she an actress. However, in my opinion Michelle Obama is a woman and strong black woman that is supportive of her husband and powerful in her own right. Our first lady has been portrayed by the media as angry, bitter and even…..


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