Monday, September 17, 2012

Why Are We So Negative Online?

Being a self-proclaimed blogger and someone who strives at staying positive, though I sometimes fall I have a question.

Why are people so negative online? Is this the new fad? Does being negative make a person more popular? Are they seeking attention at any cost? Are they miserable at home? Are as the saying goes “hurt people hurt.”

Well by now if you have been following me at here at The Phoenix Unleashed you know that the goal and focus of this blog is about keeping it positive.

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I think that we have enough distressing, depressing and sometimes demoralizing news surrounded us day in and day to the point we should be seeking some more pleasant sometimes. I know that I am.

There is a saying that says “It is easier to pull down than to build up” I don’t know who said it but, it’s true. For some it’s much easier to criticize and knock down someone else’s ideas than it is to commend them. Also sadly for some folks it’s more fun to rag on others.

I won’t linger on this subject too long, but I wanted to list a few reasons as to why I think people are so negative online and off.

1. It’s easy to hide behind a computer. There’s a good chance that person will never see you and they will never meet you. Also they know nothing about you, but for some reason they feel the need to say the most horrible things about you and others. Crazy right?

2. It makes them feel better. You know misery loves company. I’m not happy with myself so why should you be? Some people are so depressed and just feeling awful they want others to join the club.

3. Gives a feeling of empowerment. This feeling is a false one actually, once the victim or the audience catches on to their madness.

4. In the age of social media being negative is more positive. Yes what I just said is contradictory, but check this out. NEGATIVE COMMENTS often get the most responses, some people are negative just to be heard. Look at this in groups on FB and gossip blogs. The juicier the better.

5. And lastly some people just don’t realize that they are being negative. I know because I have been there myself. Sometimes we are so prone to negativity and the looking at the glass half empty syndrome that we are negative and we don’t even realize it.

So now that we have some idea of why we do what we do when it comes to being negative online how to deal with it? Or should we deal with it at all?

How To Deal With the Negativity:

~ Don’t take it personally.

~ Don’t beat a dead horse. If you feel that you just have to respond then do so. Make your point and move on.

~ Agree to disagree.

~ In the midst of the mess stay positive.

~ Remove yourself from the space you are in. Especially if it’s online most likely you are not forced to be there.

~ Simply ignore them.

~ In the world of social media delete and block. Yes this may seem to be extreme and yes negative, but the extreme is sometimes needed.

Folks that’s why this thing that we call being positive takes practice. Of course being positive 24/7 is not possible and it simply won’t happen because we are human. But making a concerted effort to doing so won’t hurt either. Also leaving a pleasant and supporting message can’t be so bad. Can it?

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