Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yes Watch The Polls, But Realize All Voters May Not Get There Chance To Vote In This Election

With the DNC convention over, and the president receiving a decent bounce in the polls over Mitt Romney as of September 7Th.  You would think some people would have sorta kinda, decided over who would best lead the country by now at least. But most of us who have decided, may not get a chance to get our vote out due to many of the voter rights acts taking place around the country.

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In Places like Texas, in which a college student's identification is no good to use at polls but a gun license is, only shows the backward thinking of those who are behind this.  Ohio tried to limit voting hours in area which had high numbers of minority voters, who voted majority Democratic. Yet were going to keep open the locations in the area's that voted majority Republican!

When People like Micheal Steele who can be caught parroting his parties message on just about anything they say begins to speak out about it, you know something is up.

Steele in Tampa during RNC convention:

"There were a lot of people of color on the stage, but my problem is that there weren't any on the floor," Steele told The Huffington Post on Thursday. "That's where the rubber hits the road."

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The most a person can do is try to keep a valid State ID, if possible.  I know there are many seniors who don't have any of the documents to obtain even this. Which is why we must start now, helping those who want to vote be able to in November.

The NAACP has also tried to bring light to this issue before it's too late:


Still many people don't get what those with this agenda, who want to take us back are really doing.
A Newsone Poster named Sheri100 put it like this----

If American voters rest easy because of this idea, we are in trouble! Polls are only a snap shot in time. Republicans are doing a lot of work, behind the scenes to ensure that this does not happen:

1. All registered voters may not get a chance to vote. The voter suppression laws target certain registered voters. Though local courts have declares certain voter rights laws unconstitutional, all local Republican representatives of such laws are appealing. So we still don't know what the out come will be. If their appeals are approved hundreds of thousands of voters (minorities and Democrats, mostly) will not be voting come election day. 
2. College students need an expiration date on their ID cards, now. Eighty (80%) percent of eligible college students don't have one. There was a survey done showing that most college students don't know that they need one. Some who found out that they did, didn't think it was worth the effort to get one. 
3. Though President Obama is up over Romney by double digits with women, the women who support him are mostly single, minority and lower income. These are the same people who fall under the voter suppression laws. They could be stopped by these laws or become discouraged and not vote. 
4. The Tea Party has trained (they say a million) people who, come election day, will be at the poles watching voters. This is something new. Many believe the purpose is to intimidate voters at the polls. Their presence may or may not do so. The point is, we don't know.

5. The onslaught of negative public ads against the president have not yet begun. This could also sway the public. 
6. The Republican Attorney General (or some major public official) in Kansas is actively working to remove Obama's name from the ballot. 
7. There is an anti-Obama movie out that feeds into this attempt. It has already grossed 24 million in sales, in this country. You'd be surprised how many people, in this country, still believe President Obama is a muslin.

Anyone who believes that Obama has it "in the bag" is naive, at best. The Republicans have more than just this going on. They are not going to stop. They intend to win this election, no matter what. Remember what happened in Florida when Bush won? If anything, Newsone is doing the public a disservice by not reporting on these Republican tactics.


I agree with Sheri100, one hundred percent too.

Remember People vote, not just for the president but also give him the support he needs to help make decisions for the country.  Give him the majority he needs in the house to get things done, people will try and say that the Dems had both the House and Senate, and did nothing.

However, you must not forget that even if  with a majority Democratic anything, you will have ConservaDems there to put breaks and dysfunction in liberal matters or just about any matter that make sense.  

Well, all I can say is if you are unemployed now and see who has helped keep any jobs bills from passing and still say your not going to vote for The president, That's your choice but to not see the problem with open eyes makes you part of it.  

I will leave with a Bill Maher Comparison:

Please help those who want to vote do it!


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