Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cop Resigns After Saying He'd Volunteer to Kill Obama

Another entry in the "things you shouldn't doif you want to keep your job" file: A 26-year veteran of the Jacksonville, Florida, police force resigned last week after telling co-workers that he'd volunteer to kill Barack Obama. The Florida Times-Union reports that Sam Koivisto made the comment—"If an order was given to kill Obama or something, then I wouldn't mind being the guy"—in the department's auto theft office after the election.

And while he told the paper yesterday that it was an idle threat, and that the whole thing had been "blown out of proportion," the 57-year-old called his decision to leave the force five months earlier than he had planned "best for everybody." And "everybody" might also include residents of the Northeast. Koivisto apparently told the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office integrity unit that he didn't care if a nuclear explosion "killed them all," with "them" referring to the Hurricane Sandy victims who supported Obama.

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