Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'GTFOH' Someone made an app called "Angry Trayvon" on The Google Play Store

Do these people have any regards for human life? An app called Angry Trayvon which poked fun at Trayvon Martin’s death was available in Google play store, Apple and Android. It has been removed, but WHY would something like this be created in the first place?

The description was as follows:

Trayvon is angry and nobody can stop him from completing his world tour of revenge on the bad guys who terrorize cities everyday.
Use a variety of weapons to demolish Trayvon’s attackers in various cities around the world.
As you complete a level, you will notice more bad guys coming at Trayvon at a faster pace and a deadlier attack.
If you like to attack from far, then purchase the ‘dagger’ as you will be able to throw it at your enemies for the kill.
If you want to dominate the leaderboards across the world, then make sure you collect the money that the bad guys will drop once you kill them to increase your score.

UPDATE: 5:00 P.M. EST: The app is no longer available in the Google app store.


Thankfully, the back lash the app received helped to get it pulled. Check out what it looked like:

While the creators of the app, Trade Digital, Inc, are mis-characterizing Martin as a gun-wielding thug they forgot several things:

The only one with a gun was Zimmerman, the hired goons behind the defense table and the thugs in the Sanford Police Department.

And surprise, surprise — not a hoodie among them.

In all honesty, these undercover racists should count themselves extremely lucky that former President Ronald Reagan made it his business to disarm law-abiding Black men. But it’s only so long that turning the other cheek to this relentless disregard for our children’s lives will be considered an option.


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