Sunday, July 7, 2013

Searched Without Consent On The 4Th: DWI stop without being asked if you were drinking, caught on camera

The guy in this video tries to show us what rights an American citizen has during traffic stops and police check points. He details things out very well. Not once did he try to go overboard in giving the officers a reason to go gun-ho on him. Still, what if this guy were Black?

Would the cops have been as patient with him as they were this guy? I can remember during Martin O'Malley's era as mayor in Baltimore how people were just locked up and given charges for nothing during period during first and second terms (1999 to 2007). Cops could see you walking and just pull you up. They would ask you for your social security number! I know this because it happened to me. I don't know how I was not arrested the night it happened but I did provide my number to the officer. When I tried to inquire about the incident that happened to me, I was told that there was no officer in the area during that time, and that no information was collected by an officers for a person fitting my description that night.

I spoke with someone by phone and received a letter from a City police official. Since there was no record of it and I knew I did nothing wrong that night I forgot about the incident. Seriously, how can you get charged for walking home, which I was only three blocks from after getting off the bus?  A month later I go a letter to go to court for money I owed for a business I tried to start two years earlier that was abated by the controllers office. During that time if you did not have a record they were looking for any reason to give you one. I did settle that matter but watching the Wire and how guy who created it got that part right was just too eerie.

Anyhow, in this case a black man would not have been given all the respect this guy was given if the 'hues' were reversed.

Watch it:


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