Monday, July 1, 2013

Tell Me Y'all Not Feeling This New Eddie Murphy Song, Featuring Snoop Lion: "RedLight"

The Academy-Award-nominated actor was widely panned for his attempts to cross over into the music industry back in the 80s and early 90s, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying.

He has a new reggae-influenced single out called “Redlight,” which features Snoop Lion (a.ka. Snoop Dogg), and a low-budget music video featuring the Norbit star and the rapper which has debuted on YouTube.

While Murphy’s career in music initially started with a bang, it quickly petered out. His last album, Love’s Alright, was released 20 years ago and featured the unintentional camp classic “Whatsupwitu,” a duet with Michael Jackson.

Despite a critically-acclaimed, popular performance in the 2006 musical Dreamgirls, in which Murphy sang his own vocals, few of his fans expected him to make a foray into music.

Timsomor Note:

The man has talent, now all he needs is people to use their own heads about it and not listen to some pigeon holing critic. I am going to download this soon as it comes out, this is something I must rock on my galaxy S3!

See Video Here:

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