Thursday, September 6, 2012

World's No. 1 Crack Market: Brazil

It turns out the next Summer Olympics will be held in the country that's the crack capital of the world, according to Federal University of Sao Paulo researchers who have concluded that the No. 1 crack market is none other than Brazil, the AFP reports. Nearly 6 million Brazilian adults have tried crack, or 4% of the population. One out of every 100 adults had used in the past year.

"No other country has 1 million crack users currently," the study's coordinator said. Not long ago Brazil was primarily a transit point for cocaine bound elsewhere in the world. Now, it's a destination; as much as 60% of Bolivia's output heads there. But Brazil is still only No. 2 in overall consumption of cocaine-related products. Who's No. 1? The good ol' US of A.

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