Saturday, November 3, 2012

Craigslist Ads Gouge Storm Victims: $700/Night

People dislodged by Superstorm Sandy in New York state saw some dandy deals on Craigslist—like a 1-bedroom apartment for a "mere" $700 a night, the New York Post reports. "Escape the hurricane in a luxury 1-BR with full power and Internet," the ad read. "Stay in style and comfort until the power comes back on." If that seemed high, area hotels were renting rooms for $500 or $600 a night.

In Bushwick, the Red Carpet Inn boosted its nightly price from $99 to $500, and a room at Manhattan's New York Palace Hotel went up from $489 to $600. "We aren’t charging them extra," a manager said. "It’s just because of the hurricane we had high occupancy, and when we have high occupancy, the rates go up." A few reasonable offers were out there, though—like $65 a night for a three-bedroom in Astoria, or a small Manhattan studio that someone was willing to share for $350 a week.

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