Thursday, November 15, 2012

James Holmes Has Made Multiple Suicide Attempts

Dark Knight shooting suspect James Holmes has attempted suicide multiple times recently, sources tell CBS4 Denver, and that's why a hearing originally scheduled for today has been postponed until next month. Defense attorneys asked for the postponement yesterday, citing a vague ailment plaguing Holmes, but did not discuss any suicide attempts. "It's not as simple as a migraine," said a public defender when asked about Holmes' unspecified condition.

Law enforcement sources describe the suicide attempts as "half-hearted," though at least one led to a brief hospitalization. One attempt reportedly involved Holmes running into a wall; in another, he jumped off his bed. Sources tell the Denver Post Holmes injured himself by pounding his head into the wall of his cell, and that's why he was hospitalized Tuesday. But, while ABC7 Denver's sources confirm that Holmes hit his head on the wall and floor, they say it was not a suicide attempt and that the concern is more about Holmes' strange behavior than his physical condition.

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