Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Man 'Dies' While Voting —Then Asks, 'Did I Vote?'

A man who died while casting his ballot Monday had only one concern upon being revived: "Did I vote?" A nearby nurse rushed to the elderly man's aid when he stopped breathing at a township office in southern Michigan, reports the Detroit News. After CPR, he came around, managed to take a few breaths, and asked his bewildered wife only about the fate of his vote. "She told him, 'Your life is my concern,'" said the nurse. His reply: Only two things matter, "that I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote." The man had, in fact, voted—and was taken to a hospital for testing. (Compare that to the woman in labor who preferred voting over going to a hospital.)

Still they never stated who he voted for, but since he was more concerned about his vote then his life, I would guess he voted democratic! I will look into this story as more is made available. Besides, if he would have voted Republican I think he would have just said it or gave some comment about the President. 

Still, I will look into this one more. 

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